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Biggest Loser - Brockport Edition!!!


Welcome to The Biggest Loser - Brockport Edition. Below are all of the tools you need to complete this twelve week program. The only mandatory participation is the weekly tracking of weight. ONLY percentage changes will be viewed by program administrators.

All other tools and programs are provided to assist you in your healthy living goals.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Matt Vanderwerf at 395-2442 or at any time.

This program is brought to you by a collaboration of: The Employee Assistance Program, CSEA, UUP, SERC/Campus Recreation, BASC, Lakeside Health Systems, MVP, and The Employee Wellness Program.

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1. Primary Program Information
2. Supplemental Programs
3. Resources

1. MVP Work Well, Live Well Tracker!

Reporting Link:
**Select "no" if it asks you to continue from your last visit!
**When entering weeks one through six - chose the last option on the second screen!
**Every slide needs a response!

Click on the link above to visit the tracking software MVP has created for us. Every Friday between 2/1/13 through and including 4/26/13 your sole responsibility is to log on and enter your weight. You may also elect to enter any new healthy activites you started since the start of the challenge. This can be as simple to switching to skim milk to participating in one of our "mini" programs.

Approximetely every two weeks you will be notified of how we performed as a college. At the midpoint of the program, and again at the end, you will be emailed your progress directly.

There will be awards and raffles for % weight lost, participation levels (entering data x% of the weeks), and for healthy behaviors. Be creative with your healthy behaviors! It might just win you something!

HOW TO enter your data: When you click on the above link review the first few slides. You will then be asked to enter your name, telephone number, week you are entering data for (note - for the first six weeks you have to enter the week on the first slide, then "weeks 1-6" on slide 2 before you can submit), health activities, a description of them, and general comments. Each field needs an answer to be submitted. This will take you about 2 minutes once you are familiar with the software.

*****Note: There is NO cost for any of the programs listed on this web page*****


2. Supplemental Programs

Fitness Assessments/Body Age Test
Fitness Assessments-Polar body age software.  Participants need to wear workout clothes, like shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt.  If they wear sweatpants they need to be able to pull them up above the knee for body fat testing. Participants will have their body composition, muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility measured and will receive a print out of the results as well as their “body age” which the software determines based on the results of their fitness tests.

This is new STATE OF THE ART technology - we highly recommend considering it.

You will have a chance to come back at the end of the challenge and see your progress.

Date: 2/5/13 & 2/7/13
Location: SERC Main Desk
Time: 1/2 hour increments. 8:00 - 6:00
*You will have to sign a waiver and should bring your ID

Trainer Tips - Consultations
Date: 2/12/13 & 2/14/13
Location: 208 Seymour College Union
Time: 1/2 hour increments. 8:00 - 6:00
Registration Closed

Dietician - Consultations
Date: 2/20/12 AND 2/21/13 AND 3/6/13
Location: B-116 Seymour College Union
Time: 1/2 hour increments. Schedule available at time of registration.

Description: Amy Stacy, registered dietician with Lakeside Health System, will be available for individual consultations during the day. Weight loss is not the only topic of conversation! How to maintain your weight when you get there, a review of your eating habits, what to eat when dining out, how to eat healthy when you have other medical issues - anything related to food you can think of!

Dietician - Presentation
Date: 2/20/13
Location: 119 Seymour College Union
Time: 4:15 - 5:15

Description: Amy Stacy, registered dietician with Lakeside Health System will be giving a presentation on how to get started thinking and acting healthy in a presentation called "Seven Steps to a Healthier You." There will be plenty of time for some group Q & A.

SERC Group Classes - ZUMBA!
Date: 2/18/13 - 4/22/13, every Monday
Location: SERC/Annex above Kinetic Kafe - the "Multi-Purpose" room
Time: 4:30 - 5:30

SERC Group Classes - Body Pump!
Date: 2/21/13 - 4/25/13, every Thursday AND 2/19/13 - 4/23/13
Location: SERC/Annex above Kinetic Kafe - the "Multi-Purpose" room
Time: 4:30 - 5:30

Crazy Salad Luncheon - 1/2 Way There!
Tentative date of 3/8. Games, prizes, and "Crazy" salad toppings. More to come.

Chef Insanity - Interactive Cooking Lunch!
Date: 3/19/13 (Tuesday)
Time: 2 sessions. Session I: 11:30-12:30, Session II: 1:00-2:00
Location: Kinetic Cafe



3. Resources

(food/calorie tracker, recipies, more recipes!, healthy fats, general, portion control, calorie and activity calculator)

(physical activity tracker, general, BMI calculator, resting metabolism calculator - current calorie burn)

(Dr. Phil on changing bad habits)

(Smart Phone App - myfitnesspal - calorie counter and more, check your smart phone app store for more: Apple, Android and Samsung), mapmyfitness - Has Apple, Android and Blackberry versions.
Allows you to track your fitness, activities, routes, calorie intake, calories burned etc.

Suggestions? Send them to