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Current Training Opportunities

New Tools, Resources and Development Opportunities for Managers! The Manager Development Program:

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Crucial Conversations: Further develop your skills to create a systematic, successful approach to conversations that involve strong emotions, opposing opinions, or high stakes.

1. Crucial Conversations explained in two minutes - click the picture

Contact JoAnne Sims (x5115) for information on how Crucial Conversations training can help you or your department.

Self Development Tools

    • Career Planning Skills/Development
      1. Keeping Yourself Employable
        1. Career Resilience Rating -
          A self-assessment of attributes that are associated with career resilience. Which ones are your strongest? Where do you need to develop or strengthen skills? 
        2. Career Boundaries and Constraints -
          Be sure you know where your boundaries are and what constraints limit your career options. Use this list to think through where your requirements are fixed and where you can compromise to create more opportunities to progress. 
        3. Career Support Network - Do you have a good career support network? Use this self-assessment to identify valuable career support relationships and assess which ones your need to strengthen.
        4. Manage your Reputation - What is 'professional reputation' and what do you need to do to manage yours?
      2. What Role Does Work Play in your Life? -
        For printing. $1000 represents all your resources: eg time, money, energy. For your top 7 life areas, allocate a share to represent the importance of each. Repeat, based on how you actually use resources. What numbers are different, what needs to change? 
      3. What Motivates you at Work?
        1. Career Drivers Questionnaire -
          Print this questionnaire and complete it first 
        2. Career Drivers Scoring Sheet -
          Print this document and follow the instructions to score the answers in your questionnaire 
        3. Career Drivers Interpretation -
          Identify the one or two career drivers that you scored highest on and use the information here to interpret what they mean for your motivation at work. Your lowest scoring career driver indicates what is least likely to motivate you at work. 
      4. What are your Skills and Interests? -
        1. Print this document. Check the skills in each table to identify which are talents, potential development areas, which work skills you can do if you have to and which to avoid if you can. When you check an item in one table, score it off in the others. 
      5. Interview Sills
        1. Preparation
        2. Interview Do's and Dont's - Tips on how to behave in the interview 
        3. Behavioral Interview Questions - Sample behavioral interview questions to help you prepare strong answers
        4. Typical Traditional Interview Questions -
          Sample traditional interview questions to help you prepare strong answers
    • Coaching Skills
      1. Coach Self-Assessment -
        A list of competencies related to coaching for self-assessment and development planning