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Institute for Engaged Learning

The Mission of the Institute for Engaged Learning is to develop, coordinate and promote accessible, transformational, high-impact educational opportunities within and beyond the traditional classroom and curricula.


Summer Undergraduate Research Program 2016

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) is an opportunity for students to fully engage in a hands-on educational experience of scholarship, research, and creative activity with a faculty mentor.  The program provides fellowships to support students with on-campus housing and a stipend for full or part time effort for up to 8 weeks.  Students are required to attend an orientation session, to complete weekly reflective journals describing their experience, and to present their research during an end-of-summer session as well as at Scholars Day in the spring semester.  Students that are on campus are required to attend a weekly workshop series that is provided to develop useful skills for the future.  

Now is the time to speak with potential faculty mentors!  The program application forms are now available.  Click Here to access the application. Submission deadline is Feb. 19 at 5pm.



  • The Summer Undergraduate Research Program is open to full time undergraduate students across all disciplines.  It supports individual and collaborative research and creative projects with a faculty mentor. 
    • Awards may provide a paid internship with or without housing.  Housing only awards are also available. 
  • Award recipients must present their work at the summer poster session and at Scholars Day. 
  • Students and faculty mentors are encouraged to present their work in a discipline appropriate forum outside the College.  Note that the College has funds available to help students attend external conferences. 

Important Dates and Deadlines:

  1. Call for Proposals applications opens Monday February 1.
  2. Proposals due by Friday 19 at 5PM
  3. Proposals will be ranked by March 4
  4. Students and Faculty Mentors notified by March 7
  5. Orientation (mandatory for BOTH students and faculty mentor): April 21, 22
  6. Summer Research Dates: It is strongly recommended that the Fellowship be scheduled between the weeks of May 23 and July 18 so that students can participate in the summer workshop series. 

Contact Dr. Adam Rich, SURP Coordinator, at with questions.

Service-Learning and Opportunities for Funding

Service Learning is a credit-bearing teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience and strengthen communities. Further, at The College at Brockport, we believe the following elements are essential for any service learning experience: 1. Student activity that demonstrates civic responsibility 2. Student reflection activity on the impact of meaningful community service; 3. Faculty or student activity that develops relationships with community partners Service-learning is considered to be a High-Impact Educational Practice and has been shown to increase student engagement and success.

Brockport’s service learning programs continue to grow. Brockport has climbed to #5 among SUNY’s comprehensive colleges in the percentage of students who report having been involved in Community Service or Service Learning as part of a course or academic program (improving from #10 in 2009 and #8 in 2012). Source: Student Opinion Survey, 2015 The Service Learning Grant was established in the fall semester of 2012 by the IEL to encourage even more faculty to incorporate new service-learning opportunities for students into their courses. The Grant of up to $500 can be used to assist with related expenses, including transportation, supplies, permits, food (if service extends over a meal period), educational resources, registrations, entry fees or similar expenses. Previous recipients: please note that we are now accepting applications for courses that have previously received the grant. First preference will still go to the addition of new opportunities, but previous recipients may certainly still apply and receive funding.

Click here to download the application. Please email completed applications to Vanessa Wais at  Contact Dale Hartnett at for more information.

The application deadline for Fall is April 20th and the deadline for Spring is November 20th.


Steering Committee Members:

Sherill Anderson - Second Yr Experience Coordinator

Leah Barrett - Associate VP for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

Heidi Byrne - Associate Professor, KSSPE; Chair of Academic Internship SubCommittee

Doug Collier - Associate Professor, KSSPE; Chair Effectiveness and Best Practices Committee

Laurie B. Cook - Assoc Prof Biology; Director of the Institute for Engaged Learning

Jack Cook - Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Dale Hartnett - Interim Program Administrator CELT; Chair of Service Learning SubCommittee

Donna Kowal - Associate Professor and Director of the Honors College

Lindsay Lau - Assistant Director of International Education

Elizabeth Lenz - Assistant Professor, KSSPE

Amy McNulty - Student Organization Coordinator/Student Union and Activities

Susan Orr - Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies

Kim Piatt - Assistant Director of Community Development

Karen Podsiadly - Director of Community Development

Monique Rew-Bigelow - Coordinator of Living & Learning Communities

Adam Rich - Associate Professor of Biology; Chair of Undergraduate Research SubCommittee

Jamie Spiller - Asst Provost of Research & Scholarship and Dean of the Graduate School

Nancy Washer - Lecturer and Associate Director of Delta College

 Jill Wesley - Director of Career Services

James Witnauer - Assistant Professor of Psychology

Jie Zhang - Associate Professor of Education and Human Development

Contact Us: Institute for Engaged Learning    Email:


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