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Institute for Engaged Learning

Our Mission: The mission of the Institute for Engaged Learning is to develop, coordinate and promote accessible, transformational, high-impact educational opportunities within and beyond the traditional classroom and curricula. 

Taking part in a challenging extracurricular activity can be one of the  most rewarding experiences you have in college. Many people find their career ambitions and potential while involved in out-of-classroom projects.  The Institute for Engaged Learning (IEL) is your portal to an opportunity you may not have considered before. We are here to help you become engaged beyond the traditional classroom and curriculum into areas that interest you.

Here are some examples:

About the IEL

• We're open to all Brockport students
• We'll connect you to a great opportunity based  on your major, schedule, and goals
• Stop in and find an exciting, and interesting way you can get involved
• Schedule an appointment to talk with a staff member 


Has your Advisor gone above and beyond to help you at Brockport?

Has your advisor helped you reach for the stars?

Along the path to your academic goals has there been one faculty or staff member who has give you outstanding advice? Has the advise influenced your outlook on a career path or given you perspective on your involvement at Brockport?

Thank that outstanding advisor by nominating him/her for the 2015 Academic Advising Award.  The process is easy.  Just fill out the short form:

Nomination deadline is March 6, 2015.


The Institute for Engaged Learning is now accepting nominations for the Roland Fontaine Award for Faculty-Student Engagement.  To apply, please use this form:

Nominations are due March 6, 2015.



 Summer Undergraduate Research

Brockport Foundation Summer Undergraduate Research

Through the generosity of the Brockport Foundation, the College sponsors students to work with faculty mentors on the mentor's research for up to eight weeks during the summer. Students present the results of their work at Scholar's Day, conferences outside the College, and IEL sponsored events. This competitive program is open to all Brockport undergraduate students who will be returning the following academic year. Selected students receive a stipend and free housing in residence halls. The application and rubric  are available on-line. Applications are due February 20.

Faculty High Impact Practices (HIPs) Tool Kit 

Are you interested in learning more about HIPs? High-Impact Practices (HIPs) are techniques and designs for teaching and learning that have proven to be beneficial for student engagement and successful learning among students from many backgrounds. View the AAC&U web page for examples, research, data, resources and models for high impact practices. 

Application for Service-Learning Grants

Would you like to incorporate service learning into your curricula?  Apply for The Service-Learning Grant

Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates the following:

1. Reflection on the impact of meaningful community service;
2. Demonstration of civic responsibility; and
3. Development of relationships with community partners.

Service-learning is considered to be a High-Impact Educational Practice and has been shown to increase student engagement and success.

The Service-Learning Grant was established in the fall semester of 2012 by the IEL to encourage faculty to incorporate new service-learning opportunities for students into their courses. The Grant of up to $500 can be used to assist with related expenses, including transportation, supplies, permits, food (if service extends over a meal period), educational resources, registrations, entry fees or similar expenses.

Previous recipients: please note that we are now accepting applications for courses that have previously received the grant.  First preference will still go to the addition of new opportunities, but previous recipients may certainly still apply and receive funding.

The application deadline for Fall is April 30 and the deadline for Spring is November 30.

Glenn S. Goldberg Scholarship for Internships

Are you considering doing an internship as part of your academic program? An internship provides students with an opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom in a professional environment. Frequently the cost of travel and off-campus housing makes it difficult for students to participate in an internship. The Brockport Foundation, Glenn S. Goldberg Scholarship provides $3,000 of assistance to fund  full-semester or summer internships. Students considering an internship experience are encouraged to apply (you do not need to have a confirmed internship to apply). 

  In order to apply students must:

  • Be academically eligible to apply for an internship supporting the students specific undergraduate academic program
  • Demonstrate a level of academic excellence and a skill set that indicates the ability to be successful in the proposed internship
  • Complete a required pre-internship preparation workshop offered by The Institute for Engaged Learning (IEL).
  • Demonstrate a need for financial assistance in order to complete the proposed internship, as evidenced by the estimated expenses for the
    internship and the student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) adjusted by any other awarded scholarships and grants.

Recipients must:

  • Complete a journal project during the internship
  • Write a reflective paper at the end of the internship, suitable for publication in the IEL Digital Commons and sharing with future applicants. (This journal and reflection paper may also be submitted to the relevant academic department).
  • During the internship students will be expected to abide by the Brockport Code of Conduct as well as any rules the employer has in place.

 Supplemental Questions

  1. Provide a description of the proposed internship. If the internship has not yet been secured, the prospective internship or area and responsibilities of the internship should be addressed.
  2. Upload an essay describing how the internship is related to your course of study and will expand your knowledge and application of skills learned in the classroom.
  3. If you did not upload a copy of your resume as part of the general application please upload now.
  4. Expense Estimates - Please provide an estimate of the total costs associated with your participation in the internship. Do not include food costs.
    • Housing
    • Other #1
    • Other #1 - Short Description
    • Other #2
    • Other #2 - Short Description
    • Other #3
    • Other #3 - Short Description
    • Travel
  5. List the name of a Faculty member that can write a letter of reference for you regarding the learning quality of your internship.
  6. You may include an additional reference from an employer or Brockport staff member that you have worked with.

Application deadlines: 

  • November 15–spring semester internships 
  • March 15–summer and fall semester internships 

Apply Here for Glenn S. Goldberg Scholarship

Glenn S. Goldberg Scholarship Evaluation Rubric

Contact Us: Institute for Engaged Learning    Seymour 114  Email:
Appointments are not required but are encouraged.


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