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Teresa Campbell's Journal

 Teresa Campbell, a Theatre major at The College at Brockport, is spending the spring 2013 semester in London, England interning at Stage on Screen through a program with the University of Westminster. She is sharing her experiences in this journal.


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Big Ben Big Ben Teresa CampbellIn London with a new friend
January 8, 2013


This is Teresa Campbell writing to you from London, England where it is 4 p.m. I got in Saturday morning and have been getting situated in my flat, and becoming familiar with my surroundings and getting used to the "culture shock". I love the city so far! It is orientation week at the University of Westminster, and classes start next week, as well as my internship.

Today, however, I met the other girl I will be interning with, who happens to live in my building. She is a marketing major, and I theatre, so we are complimentary to the company (distributors of theatrical DVDs). It took some time, but we eventually found the building for our internship, Stage on Screen. We met our employers, learned what we will probably be doing, and figured out our schedules, roughly. As of right now, it looks like I will be interning Monday and Tuesday morning, and all day Wednesday. I'm excited to get started! Tomorrow all of us in the internship program have a meeting where we meet each other and learn more about the program.

That's all for now! I will check in again after my first day!

Teresa Campbell
Stage on Screen Intern

January 14, 2013
Week 2, Entry 1

 Today was my first day as an intern for Stage on Screen! Mondays and Tuesdays I am interning from 9:30-1:30 and Wednesdays I am interning all day (9:30-5:30). The other intern happens to live in my hall, so it is nice to have a companion for the commute at the peak of rush hour, as we navigate this vast city. It is also nice to share the office with someone my age. We each have our own desk space-it makes me feel like such a professional!

On this cold and snowy morning, we spent the majority of it doing the same tasks. Though she is a business major and I’m a theatre major (nicely complementary for the company!), right now we are both gradually learning about the company and our responsibilities for the semester. We were reading over press releases and reviews, so we will be able to use them when we reach out to schools and literary in cover letters. I have been researching top U.S. drama schools and drama publications, because my employer wants to branch out to the American market for DVD sales. One of my main goals with this company, as of right now, is to be able to increase sales in the States, through my knowledge of the American education system and how drama programs work.

I also have some things to look forward to with Stage on Screen. Next Monday I will be meeting with a man who works for the company, whom I will be working with as well. He goes to U.K. schools and performs a “play in a day” to students, so I am excited in helping him with this program. My fellow intern, another employer and I might also be attending a higher education/technology conference.

In terms of behaviors, I am observing how British professionals operate in an office setting: how they answer the phone, greet one another, assign tasks, etc. It is all fascinating to me, as I am trying my best to complete my assigned tasks. I am looking forward to my second day tomorrow!

January 18, 2013
Week 2, Entry 2

I have officially finished up my first week as an intern at Stage on Screen! Overall, the time passed quickly as we were working on the tasks assigned to us. Our employers trust us to be working independently, as our projects are long-term and have many steps of researching and planning. I do not take this level of trust for granted.

Besides completing our timesheets every week, this week we also had to complete a checklist with our employer to hand into our module leader. This included many of the items on the Goldberg checklist such as work space, stipends (none), communication details, work attire (casual though I still will dress business casual), etc. I am infamous for always asking questions, from what is required of me, to if I do not understand something, so this was very helpful.

Wednesday my main boss is out of the office, so it was just myself, the other intern, and the marketing manager there all day. Though some other companies share the space, it is a quiet environment to get my work done. I observe the behviours of others, from when they go for coffee and tea breaks, to how they greet each other entering and exiting from the office. For myself, I am trying to master the British/European keyboard and put my Delta College skills to work when I am writing e-mails or drafting cover letters.

All of us in the Westminster internship program have to take a pre-professional development module which meets on Tuesday afternoons, so it was interesting coming from my internship, to a class where we learn how to be a good intern (and to that extent a good future employee). From the syllabus, it looks like we will be expanding on, or covering, topics which I’ve been learning about for three years in Delta College! Delta, along with the Goldberg scholarship, has definitely put me at an advantage for my ability to write reflectively for which I am grateful.

January 22, 2013
Week 3, Entry 1
Due to a “snow day” on Monday, my hours are different this week. Who knew so little snow could cause so many headaches in a big city! I go to school in Rochester after all-; I’m used to dealing with snow in terms of feet, not inches! Safety is the first priority after all, and it means a lot that my employer kept that in mind in telling myself and the other intern we did not have to come in yesterday.

Today I had a phone conversation with a man named Jerome. He is independent of the company, but is looking to work with them. He is a theatre educator, and goes into U.K. schools to put on workshops about plays, storytelling, journaling, etc. He is looking to do workshops based around three of the DVDs we sell. I will be working with him to help write cover letters (thanks, Delta College!) to send to Drama and English teachers at independent (private) schools for children ages 16-18. Hopefully I can also go into schools with him, to help him with his workshops and observe how he blends entertainment with education. I will be contacting about fifty of these schools, and my goal is to get him booked into as many as possible, to promote our company, and promote him as an independent businessman. I will be meeting his in-person on February 6.

In terms of behavior, I am learning so much about British culture, from when tea time is, to how the U.K. education system operates, to how ‘sidewalks’ are ‘pavements’! I am also learning how to use a business tool called a Sugar CRM, which will hopefully make me more marketable. I am looking forward to what the rest of the week brings!

Wales    Castle Wales Exterior

  Castle Wales     Castle Wales Int
A Trip to Wales and Bath and  the "Castle in the Cloud" with the Brockport London Program

January 25, 2013
Week 3, Entry 2

The second week of my internship at Stage on Screen is now complete, after my hours were re-arranged due to the snow. My fellow intern and I worked hard, and I hope in the long run it pays off. The past two days we’ve been focusing on U.K. universities; there are over 130 of them! Whereas Julie is looking up library contact information for the universities, I’ve been updating an outdated spreadsheet with contacts for the English and Drama departments of all the universities. I think I’m about 2/3 of the way there. Clearly, it’s a lengthy process, and that’s only the beginning! We will then put our combined information into the Sugar CRM system. Finally, we will contact the people we’ve been looking up to let them know about our company, through brochures and e-mail. Hopefully we will get an increase in sales after all the hours spent! Next week a copyrighter is coming in to help us work on cover letters to send to these departments and libraries. I know what I’ve learned in Delta College will come in handy as we draft these letters! We also registered for the conference on higher education and technology for next Wednesday, There is another conference on the horizon as well.

In terms of behavior, I am aware that I am very visible at all times. It is an open, multi-office space, so others, including my employer, can see what I’m doing. This means I must always be working when I’m supposed to, because I cannot be inconspicuous checking Facebook or my phone! This equates to getting a lot of work done, diligently. I’m looking forward to the weekend, but also to finishing up this part of the project so I can move on to the next!

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