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Olga Sagan's Journal

Leaving NY Ready to leave home

G Washington Bridge
George Washington Bridge in the fog

Grand Central Grand Central Station

January 24, 2013
Journal Entry #1

This Tuesday (Jan. 22) was my first day going to my internship and the moment I walked into my assigned classroom, I knew I was in the right place. The classroom was bright and colorful in every direction you looked. There were student papers, projects and drawings posted all over the walls. Most of all, the teacher whom I would be working with welcomed me with a huge smile and a hug.

I’m student teaching in a third grade class in a public school on the upper west side of Manhattan. Initially, I was shocked when I was placed at this school because when I signed up to student-teach in NYC, I was expecting to be placed in a high-needs urban school. Well, I was placed in an urban school, but I would not call it a high needs school seeing as to how it is found in the upper west side of Manhattan.

Upon coming into the building, the principal greeted us and told me I had to know the Common Core Standards, which are the new standards being implemented in schools throughout New York. On my first day, I also had the opportunity to sit in on a curriculum planning meeting. Here, all the third grade teachers met with the principal and a literacy consultant to integrate subjects throughout the curriculum. It was fascinating to me to see this happen because I saw that, sometimes, teachers and principals have to develop themes and curriculums just as I have to develop lesson plans and unit plans-from scratch.

All in all I can say that it has been an exciting first few days and I’m looking forwarded to getting to know my students more and developing my skills as a future educator as well. That’s all for now, till next time!

Olga Sagan

MuseumNat History
According to the guard, this is the dinosaur that comes alive at night in the Museum of Natural History!

Visit to the Matisse exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art

January 25, 2013

Journal Entry #2

Hello again!

Today is Friday and I can say I officially survived my first week of student teaching. It was a very fun and busy week. I spent most of it getting to know my cooperating teacher and class. People definitely aren’t joking when they say teachers are constantly making copies, organizing and reorganizing papers though, because I did a lot of that this week as well. Yesterday I was given the opportunity to teach my first lesson—kind of. The teacher of the class, Ms. Middling (name changed for privacy purposes) had a last minute meeting to go to and although a substitute came in the room, she left me in charge. It was a continuation of a pervious lesson I observed so I knew what they were working on and where she wanted to go with the lesson as well. It was a little unexpected but the lesson went smoothly for the most part. One student kept coming up with excuses to keep her from completing the work. This was the one major problem I had during the lesson. Towards the end she started working on the worksheet and the lesson came to a successful conclusion.

Before this week I had a week to settle into my new home before my internship started. I seized this as a chance to explore the city and went to some really amazing places. Some of my favorites were ice skating at the Trump rink in Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art—here I saw the Matisse, a famous French painter, exhibit, and the Museum of Natural History. All of these places were amazing and memorable but in all honesty, I love just walking through the city itself, nowhere in particular. There are so many different stores, restaurants and shops everywhere, and people-watching NEVER gets boring here. My favorite thing about the New York City though is the energetic vibe that thrums throughout the city; it’s captivating. Everyone seems to be going somewhere and doing something; everyone has purpose to his or her stride (that’s why people always walk so fast here).

 Well, now I have the weekend to rejuvenate before starting week two of student teaching!

Good bye for now,
Olga Sagan  

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