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Brockport / IEL / Other Useful Links

Other Useful Links

In addition to what Brockport offers through Career Services, Community Development, Study Abroad, etc., the following are external websites which may help you:

Scholarship Search: (NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program) (grant and scholarship search)

Study Abroad: (UK study and funding) (fellowships and internships abroad) (study or work abroad) (international funding opportunities in biomedical and behavioral research)

Work/ Internship Opportunities: (seasonal jobs) (EPA internships) (Foundation for Sustainable Development) (international human rights training programs) (non-profit internships, etc.) (Library of Congress) (Metropolitan Museum of Art) (People to People International internships) (research and study at the Smithsonian) (study or work abroad)

Social Sciences: (Political Science) (Social Science Research Council)

Sciences: (Environmental Sciences)
(grad school scholarships for math, science and engineering) (National Physical Science Consortium) (science education and research) (Psychology)

Health Professions: (National Health Services Corps Scholarship) (loan forgiveness and scholarship programs for health professions students) (NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program)

Grants: (college honor societies fellowships and grants) (funding for new social change organizations)
(grant assistance) (grant and scholarship search)



Last Updated 6/19/14