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Brockport / International Students / Academics

Academics & Employment


Welcome to The College at Brockport! Now that you are here, it is time to focus on your academics and possible employment. This section will help you find any necessary College offices and departments, understand how to maintain your student status, and figure out what employment you are legally able to pursue. Use the links below to find out more about everything related to Academics & Employment.

Maintaining Student Status

Find out everything you need to know about your Student Status, from maintaining a full course load to how to extend your stay, request reinstatement or even transfer to a different school.

Academic Support Services

There are a number of offices on campus that are designed to help you with your academic pursuits. Learn more about which ones you might utilize most.

Student Services

Learn more about all the student services available to you at The College at Brockport, such as dining services, the bookstore and more.

Employment Options

Employment rules and regulations can be very confusing. This section will help outline eligibility requirements, special regulations and more.

Last Updated 6/7/11