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Brockport / International Students / JasonAryeh

Student Experiences

Jason Kingsley Aryeh

Jason Aryeh

Academic Major: Dance

Academic STATUS: Graduate

Graduation Year: 2011

HomeTOWN: Ghana, West Africa

Why did you choose to study at The College at Brockport?

Brockport has had a good relationship with the University of Ghana. Looking for a good school with a good dance program, I did a little research and came to understand that Brockport offers good dance programs [compared to other] schools in the United States.

What has been your most memorable experience while at The College at Brockport?

Getting the opportunity to perform on and off campus, and to work with different dance choreographers.

What are your classes like? Which one is your favorite?

Well, coming from a totally different world of dance technique, classes for me were very different and uncomfortable at the beginning. I felt like I was the only strange guy in the class. Now, I have come a long way [but am] still in the learning process (with the immense help of the professors I encounter in each class and the students) of adjusting my body into the specific class technique. It also feels good to experience the transformation. I have enjoyed every single class I have enrolled in because I have learned a lot from the teachings and the students. I have also enjoyed performing and working with different choreographers in the department. These experiences have broadened my scope of ideas and opened it to new discoveries. 

How does school here differ from that in your home country?

Course programs here are more organized and structured and one gets to know what the semester is all about right at the beginning of the semester.  Students study more for tests and exams back home and the syllabus for a semester is a lot more complicated and intense. Because of the increased number of students in each class back home, the success of the student has to be a lot of extra hard work.  

Are you involved in any clubs, organizations or sports teams? What are those experiences like?

Yes, with International Student Organization, where I get to meet new international students from different countries every semester. I am also in the Student Dance Organization and Sankofa African Dance and Drum Company, where I get to perform on campus at events and at high schools and colleges [in the area].

Do you live on campus or off campus? What has living here in Brockport been like?

I lived on campus for the first semester I came to Brockport, and it was a great experience exchanging cultural life and making friends with students from Bulgaria, Ukraine, England, Australia, Japan, China, Jamaica, Nigeria, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Russia. I learned a lot from my roommate, who was from Japan. Currently I live off campus and it is still a great experience.

Prior to coming to school, what did you do to prepare for life in the United States?

Warm jackets, articles and useful books. 

What has been the biggest challenge or struggle that you have experienced so far at The College at Brockport?

Adjusting to the weather and the food.

What do you miss most about home?

My family, food, good friends, loved ones and some festival celebrations and holidays of my country that I don't usually miss when I am back home.

What advice would you give to international students who are thinking about attending The College at Brockport?

It is a wonderful place to study and acquire a degree. Professors here push you to your limit and beyond to find what you are looking for, but they also have enough time for each student in class to personally assess his/her performance. Be brave, there is nothing to be scared of; wonderful people are around to help you go about whatever you might find yourself confused about. Note also that you cannot achieve everything on first try, there will surely be errors, but do your best to aim high and plan ahead so there is more room for error and improvement.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I am looking forward in studying for my PhD and then exploring my ideas and experiences by teaching in any college with a dance program, or any School of Art. I also have a developing idea of getting my own Dance Company to tour with works of Contemporary African dance forms infused with Modern dance. 

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