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Banking Services

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Once you get to Brockport, you will probably find that you want to open a bank account with a U.S. bank. It is possible to transfer or wire money, but establishing connections with a U.S. bank is helpful to ensuring you have access to your money whenever you need it.

You will have the option to open a local bank account during Orientation.

Banking Options

There are a lot of options when it comes to banking in the United States. With numerous banks to choose from, it is important to choose one in Brockport, as opposed to one located in New York City or another major U.S. city.

In order to transfer money to the U.S., you can instruct your bank to issue a foreign draft on a U.S. bank located in Brockport. It takes time for these drafts to clear, and different locations in the United States have different clearance times, which could result in a delay of up to three weeks before funds are available to you. That is why it is recommended to establish relations with a bank in Brockport. You will want to avoid any unnecessary delays in your finances upon arriving at school.

Opening an account

In order to open a bank account in the United States, you will need to provide proof of identification. When you go to the bank to open the account, bring whatever funds you plan to deposit in the account, your passport, I-20 form, and your student ID card from SUNY - Brockport.  All banks have different policies for opening new accounts and may ask for additional identification.

Last Updated 12/20/13