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Brockport / International Students / Climate


Campus during the winter

Brockport is located in Western New York State, meaning we experience four different seasons and a wide range of temperatures throughout the year.

Winters in Brockport, which typically run from November through April, can get rather cold with temperatures dropping below 10°F (-12°C). Likewise, summer months -- typically considered to be July and August -- can be very humid, with temperatures reaching well above 80°F (26°C) and sometimes even above 90°F (32°C). Fall and Spring are usually pleasant, with temperatures ranging in between the highs and lows of summer and winter. During these seasons, days are typically pleasant, while nights and mornings can be crisp and cool.

You should come prepared for the changes in temperature and weather. Brockport experiences a good deal of rain and snow. You will need an umbrella, raincoat and plenty of winter clothing. A heavy outer coat, boots, waterproof gloves and hat are highly recommended for these months.

Also, if you are planning to live on campus, keep in mind that the residence halls are not air conditioned. Therefore, a fan may be useful during those sticky, humid days in early Fall and late Spring.

Last Updated 6/7/11