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Brockport / International Students / Spouses

Spouses & Children

Children playing outside

If you are planning for your spouse and/or children to accompany you to the United States, it is important that you make arrangements to obtain their visas and locate off-campus housing. In order to obtain an I-20 form that allows for family travel, you must show  that you have sufficient additional funds available to cover their living expenses and medical insurance, in addition to your own.


The State University of New York - Brockport does NOT offer on-campus housing for families. Therefore, you will need to find adequate housing off campus. If you are not able to make these arrangements before your arrival in Brockport, we suggest that you come to Brockport at least a week before your family arrives. This should give you adequate time to secure housing for when your family arrives.

If traveling separately is not possible, you should expect to stay in a local hotel for at least one week. Hotel charges in the Brockport area range from approximately $60 to $120 per night. You can find a listing of local hotels here.

For more information, please visit the Housing Options section.


Schooling & Child Care

If you have young children (age 5 or younger), it is important that you consider options for childcare while you are in class or working on class projects. While there are many options available, the Brockport Child Development Center serves child care needs of University students, faculty and staff, as well as local community members.

If you have school-age children (age 5 or older), you will need to think about their schooling needs. This is the age when American children typically begin their education.

The Village of Brockport falls under the Brockport Central School District. The school year typically starts in early September (usually a day or two after the first Monday of the month, which we refer to as Labor Day). You should plan to have your children here prior to the beginning of the school year.

For more information about schooling, please refer to either the Brockport Central School District or the New York State Education Department.

Last Updated 5/3/13