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Research, Analysis & Planning

Office Staff

Jeff Lashbrook
(585) 395-5028 · 622 Allen
Claire Goverts
Assistant Director
(585) 395-5956 · 607 Allen
Cindy Stanton
Research Assistant
(585) 395-5776 · 611 Allen
Taneika Thompson
Lead Programmer/Analyst
(585) 395-5874 · 609 Allen
James Brien
Senior Programmer/Analyst
(585) 395-5120 · 612 Allen
Jamie Scheid
Enrollment Analyst
(585) 395-5957 · 606 Allen

Our Mission: The College at Brockport's Office of Research, Analysis, and Planning (RAP) collects, organizes, analyzes, and reports information to effectively meet the information and planning needs of a variety of stakeholders, both internal and external to the College

Our Vision: We will continue to be the college's source of official information and fulfill reporting requirements, traditionally the main functions of an institutional research office, but we also expect to play a greater role in contributing to the college's self-understanding, particularly as it relates to fulfilling our educational mission.  Towards this end, we will strive to understand the information-needs of our constituents and initiate topical research and analyses (or respond to requests for same) to support college planning and decision-making.  We will turn data into useful, appropriate analyses that address central questions of concern regarding our institution's effectiveness in providing a quality education that fosters student success in its various manifestations. We aim to be an accessible and trusted office in the college community by building good relationships and providing accurate, relevant, and impartial information in a reliable and timely fashion.

Our Values: We value producing quality work and satisfying customers.  We value collegial relations, both within our office and across the campus community. We strive to produce/obtain valid and relevant information, and be impartial in our presentation/analysis.  A stimulating work environment where people can work hard, but also have some fun while doing it, is important to us.