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Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews all research proposals to ensure the health and safety of human subjects. There are specific federal mandates that must be met before any research on human subjects can take place. The IRB will review your research proposal and either approve it or recommend changes before you can begin your project. To expedite the process be sure to read and follow all instructions carefully, provide all the information required in the application guidelines, and review the required  policies  and  procedures .

The purpose of the IRB of The College at Brockport is to:

  • Ensure that the safety of all human research participants is assured and that their protection from harm is guaranteed
  • Ensure and safeguard individuals' rights to ethical treatment in research, including the rights to privacy, confidentiality, and fully informed consent, as specified by the U.S. Office of Human Research Participation (OHRP)
  • Disseminate clear guidelines for formulation and implementation of ethical research projects and project planning, for research designed by faculty, students, and staff members
  • Educate their investigators, and all the campus community, in the above guidelines for ethical practice, and maintain a plan to carefully monitor their education in same; this will include a thorough grounding in the universal ethical principles upon which practices are based, including beneficence, justice, and respect for persons
  • Encourage the scientific process, and uphold highest standards of quality for appropriate methodology in empirical and qualitative research
  • Support the educational mission of the college to ensure student success and faculty integrity.
  • Work to educate and facilitate investigators' attainment of a level of excellence in all research pursuits including provision of recommendations, assistance, and mentoring where and when appropriate.

Contacts 2014-2015

Kim Remley
Office Support 
585 395-2523

Julie Wilkens
IRB Coordinator
585 395-2779
Colleen Donaldson
IRB Administrator

Last Updated 2/20/15