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Brockport / IRB / Continuation of research

Continuation of research after 12 months

The IRB is required to reevaluate research projects at intervals appropriate to the degree of risk, but not less than once a year. The approval letter from the IRB will indicate the approval period (maximum of 12 months) and the date for submitting a request for continuation.

One month prior to the expiration of your approval, the IRB office should send the investigator a courtesy reminder notice. However, it is the investigator’s responsibilities to complete the continuation form, attach the appropriate information, and return the package to the IRB Administrator. Please note that if for some reason you do not receive the reminder notice, it is your responsibility to contact the IRB Administrator in advance of your project’s expiration date if you wish to continue your research.

Under federal guidelines, only two continuations can be granted . After three years, the project must be resubmitted as a new protocol to the IRB for review and approval. If you have completed data collection and are just analyzing unidentifiable data, you do not need to seek continued IRB approval. However, you must be certain to maintain the data as specified in your application protocol.

Note that if your original proposal required a Category 3 review, a continuation will also require approval by a quorum of IRB members.

Continuation/Modification Request Form


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