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Brockport / IRB / Submitting Proposals

Submitting Proposals

Submitting IRB Proposals

A complete proposal includes:

  • Human Participant Research Review Form cover pages with researchers’ contact information and signatures
  • Complete answers to all questions (1-8, 1-12, or 1-16, depending on category)
  • Recruitment script/letter/e-mail
  • Informed Consent and Assent Document(s), as needed
  • Research instruments (questionnaire, interview questions, observation forms, etc.), as needed 
  • Letter of institutional permission on institutional letterhead, as needed
  • CITI Training Completion Certificate 

Can I submit proposals electronically?

All types of research proposals will be accepted via electronic submission:

  • Category 1—Exempt Review
  • Category 2—Expedited Review
  • Category 3—Full Board Review 

What is the protocol for submitting proposals?

For electronic proposals: Please submit a complete proposal as a Word document using the following naming convention:  “yourlastname.irb_proposal.docx

If submitting electronically, the research instruments, letter of institutional permission, and CITI certificate may be submitted as PDFs.

For paper proposals: Please submit one unstapled original.

Do any original documents need to be submitted?

Any document that requires a signature can be submitted as a paper original or scanned electronically, including Human Participant Research Review Form cover pages and letter of institutional permission.

Send electronic submissions to:

Send paper submissions to:
IRB Coordinator
The College at Brockport
State University of New York
Allen Administration Building, 6th floor
Brockport, NY 14420

You will receive an e-mail from the IRB Coordinator indicating that your submission has been received. 

Questions? Please contact Julie Wilkens at (585) 395-2779 or
You may also contact Kim Remley at (585) 395-2523 or

Last Updated 2/12/15