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Institutional Review Board

Modifications to research already approved by the IRB

No changes to the proposal that was approved by the IRB can be implemented without first obtaining IRB approval. This includes participant recruitment, consent form changes, etc. When submitting modifications you don't need to resubmit the entire package. Submit a continuation/modification request form to the IRB Administrator with the proposal number and title. Include all supporting documents that have been modified (surveys, recruitment flyers, consent forms, etc.). Be sure to allow at least two weeks for review. You will be notified in writing by the IRB Administrator. Please note that a modification does not change the approval/termination dates. The modification approval is effective within the approval period of the entire project. You cannot implement any changes until you receive approval from the IRB Administrator.

Continuation/Modification Form (.doc)

Questions? Please call Kim Remley at (585) 395-2523 or