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Brockport / IRB / Student Research

Classroom-Based Research Projects

The purpose of the classroom-based student research review is to streamline the process used by faculty who wish to have their students conduct minimal risk research as part of a course. Please note that this is applicable only for classroom projects.

Use the following to see if your classroom-based research requires IRB review.

1. The project fulfills the requirements outlined in the Exempt category guidelines

If you answered "yes," stop here. The project does not require IRB review. If you answered "no," please continue.

  Yes       No

2. The project fulfills the requirement outlined in the Expedited category guidelines but is only being used as a teaching tool.

  Yes       No

3. The research subjects are at least 18 years old (e.g., not minors).

  Yes       No

4. The research presents minimal risk (physical, psychological, social, or financial).

  Yes       No

5. The research will not be submitted to or presented at a professional conference (including Scholars Day and/or SURC), published in a professional journal/magazine/ newsletter, or be posted on a website that can be publicly accessed.

  Yes       No

6. The data collected in this research is being used only by a student or faculty member for this project and not being used in any faculty research study.

  Yes       No

7. As the faculty member overseeing student research, I have completed the CITI human subjects protections course and will review issues of confidentiality with students conducting classroom-based research.

Please note: Instructors are encouraged to have students conducting classroom-based research complete the CITI course.

  Yes       No

If you answered "yes" to ALL of the above statements, you or your students may complete the classroom-based research project without IRB submission or approval. However, students are still required to follow all human subjects protection protocols. The faculty is ultimately responsible for ensuring students abide by these protocols.

If you were not able to answer "yes" to all the statements, the project will likely need to be submitted to the IRB office.

Please contact the IRB office with further questions.

Last Updated 11/23/15