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Brockport / IRB / Student Research

Classroom Based Student Research Projects

The purpose of the classroom-based student research review is to streamline the process used by faculty who wish to have their students conduct minimal risk research as part of a course. Please use the following to see if your project fits this process. Please note that this is applicable only for faculty members.

1. Review the IRB decision tree to determine if one can use the faculty report for classroom based research. Please note that faculty member instructing the course and submitting a proposal need to have completed the online CITI human subjects course. While it is strongly encouraged, it is at the discretion of the instructor if s/he wishes to have her/his students complete the CITI course before conducting class-based research projects.

2. Fill out the IRB Faculty Report on Classroom Projects, which can be found below. This mirrors the decision tree in a checklist format. If you can answer "yes" to all statements, complete the form and submit it to the IRB Administrator, Academic Affairs, 6th Floor, Allen Administration Building, or electronically to the e-mail below. The report form will be reviewed, and the IRB Coordinator will send an approval e-mail and letter. Turnaround for this process is approximately 1 week.

If you are not able to answer "yes" to all the statements, you and/or your students will need to complete a regular IRB proposal.

Some faculty may be doing multiple forms of research within the same class. Some may be exempt, while others may have more than minimal risk. In this case, you may submit as many requests as needed.


Questions? Please contact Julie Wilkens at (585) 395-2779 or
You may also contact Kim Remley at (585) 395-2523 or

Last Updated 2/12/15