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Faculty & Staff


The department's teaching faculty and supporting staff are committed to excellence in teaching, service, sound academic advisement, scholarship and research. Members of the faculty hold positions of leadership in state and national organizations devoted to scholarly research and professional physical education, and are themselves active teachers, performers and research scholars.


Dr. Cathy Houston-Wilson - Department Chairperson
Dr. Alisa James - Interim Associate Department Chair and Professor
Ms. Marsha Moss - Department Secretary
Ms. Janet Peluso-Militello - Coordinator of Field Experience - PE & Health Science
Ms. Christine Boivin - Secretary to the Coordinator of Field Experience 


Dr. Heidi Byrne - Associate Professor
Mr. Lee Cohen - Lecturer
Dr. Douglas Collier - Associate Professor
Mr. John Feeney - Lecturer
Ms. Melissa Fromm - Lecturer 
Dr. Peter Hager - Associate Professor
Dr. Pamela Haibach - Associate Professor
Dr. Timothy Henry - Associate Professor
Ms. Christine Hopple - Instructor 
Dr. Cathy Houston-Wilson - Professor
Dr. Alisa James - Professor
Dr. Jun Woo Kim - Assistant Professor 
Dr. Francis M. Kozub - Associate Professor
Dr. Elizabeth Lenz - Assistant Professor 
Dr. Lauren Lieberman - Distinguised Service Professor
Dr. Craig Mattern - Associate Professor
Mr. Mike Militello - Lecturer
Mr. Ronald Mower - Instructor 
Mr. Donald Murray - Associate Professor
Dr. Eugene Orbaker - Associate Professor Emeritus
Dr. Susan Petersen - Associate Professor
Dr. Amaury Samalot - Rivera - Assistant Professor 
Dr. Robert Schneider - Professor
Ms. Joan Schockow - Lecturer
Ms. Amanda Shearer - QAR 
Dr. Brooke Starkoff - Assistant Professor 
Dr. Danny Too - Associate Professor
Dr. Cesar R. Torres - Professor
Dr. Sheri Treadwell -Assistant Professor
Dr. Christopher Williams - Associate Professor
Ms. Susan Wielgosz - Lecturer



Dr. Marilyn Colby - Assistant Professor Emerita
Dr. Luz Cruz - Associate Professor Emerita
Dr. Gregory Kenney - Lecturer Emeritus
Dr. Merrill Melnick - Professor Emeritus
Dr. Reginald Ocansey - Associate Professor Emeritus
Ms. Annette Cannioto - Former Department Secretary
Dr. William Stier - Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus 
Dr. Joseph Winnick - Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Last Updated 5/18/15