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Brockport / KSSPE / Faculty / Dr. Douglas Collier

Dr. Douglas Collier


Office: B-306 Tuttle Northcollier
Phone: (585) 395-5055

PhD, Indiana University, 1993
M.A, McGill University, 1985 
Diploma in Special Education, McGill University, 1980
BEd (Physical Education), McGill University, 1975

Area(s) of specialty:
Teacher education, adapted physical education and motor development.

Research interest(s):
Positive and proactive approaches to dealing with difficult behavior, inclusion, and education in urban areas.


Collier, D. (2004). Undergraduate physical education teacher preparation: what practitioners tell us. The Physical Educator, 61(2), 102 - 112.

James, E. & Collier, D. (2004). Establishing the preschool learning environment. Teaching Elementary Physical Education, 15(3), 38 - 39.

Collier, D.(in press). Instructional Strategies for Adapted Physical Education. In J.P. Winnick (Ed.) Adapted physical education and sport. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Publishers.

Suomi, R. & Collier, D. (accepted for publication). Effects of arthritis exercise programs on functional fitness and perceived activities of daily living measures in older adults with arthritis.Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Suomi, J., Collier D. & Brown, L. (2003). Factors affecting the social experiences of students in elementary physical education classes. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, (22)2, 186-202

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