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Brockport / KSSPE / Faculty / Dr. Amaury Samalot-Rivera

Dr. Amaury Samalot-Rivera


Office: 330 Tuttle North samalot
Phone: 585-395-5252


PhD, The Ohio State University 
MA, The Ohio State University
BA, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez


Area(s) of specialty: Teacher education, assessment, diversity and adapted physical education

Research interest(s): Affective domain in physical education and sports, social inclusion (transition) and diversity in physical education 

Publications: Articles in journals:


Madrid-Lopez, P., Prieto-Ayuso, A., Samalot-Rivera, A. & Madrona, P.(2016). An extracurricular proposal for the promotion of appropriate attitudes in physical education and sports. Retos, 30,36-43.

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Samalot- Rivera, A., Aleman, A. & Volmar, V.(2015). Increasing transition opportunities for youth with disabilities: Existing successful programs and steps to follow in program selection. Journal of Physical Education Recreation and Dance, 86:4, 57-61.

Samalot-Rivera, A., Lieberman, L. J., Haibach, P. S. (2015). Teaching Two Critical Locomotor     Skills to Children who are Blind. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness (JVIB).



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Munster, M., Liberman, L., Samalot - Rivera, A. & Houston-Wilson, C.(2014). Individualized education plan applied to physical education: Validation of inventory in Portuguese version.  Revista da Sobama, Marília, 15: 1, 43-54.  (published in English and Portuguese).

Samalot-Rivera, A.(2014). Role playing in physical education to teach in the affective domain.  Teaching Tips Section. Journal of Physical Education Recreation and Dance, 85:2, 41-43.


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Samalot - Rivera, A. (2007). The Effects of a Social Skill Instruction on the Sport and Game         Related Behaviors of Children and Adolescents with Emotional or Behavioral Disabilities. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. (Doctoral Dissertation).

Samalot Rivera, A. (2007). Transition from school to community for youth with disabilities and      physical education. Gente Especial; May-June. Written in Spanish.


Books:  Samalot-Rivera, A. (2012). Teaching values and social skills through physical education and  sport: “A guide for teachers and coaches”. Bayamón, Puerto Rico: Axios. ( written in Spanish)    

Book Chapters:

Liberman, L. & Samalot-Rivera, A.(2016). Community Programs. Sports, Fitness and Motor  Activities for Children with Disabilities:  A Practical Approach to Increased Physical Activity Beyond the School Day. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield.


Born and raised in Puerto Rico.  Amaury came to The College at Brockport in 2013. He taught for 10 years in the Elementary and Special Physical Education Department of University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon.   Amaury is the former pitching coach of the Puerto Rico Female National Softball Team.   He enjoys playing softball and coaching his two sons (baseball).


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