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Brockport / KSSPE / Undergraduate / Exercise Physiology / Admission

Admission to Exercise Science


All students can declare the intent to major in exercise science.  However, in order to register for PES 410 (Physiology of Exercise II), students must have:

  • Taken more than 12 credits at the College at Brockport
  • Possess at least a 2.50 overall GPA
  • And at least a C grade in BIO 221 or both BIO 321 and BIO 322
  • And at least a C grade in PES 335. 


In order to qualify for the internship students must:

  • Earn a C or better in all departmental required courses in the major.
  • And have at least a 2.50 GPA in the major.

Last Updated 1/2/15