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Meet Our Faculty

Craig Mattern


Dr. Craig Mattern joined the faculty of the College at Brockport in 2004 after serving as a visiting assistant professor at the Ohio State University.  Dr. Mattern completed his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology at the Ohio State University in 2002, where he studied maximal lactate steady state and the aging process.  He also has a strong interest in nutrition and metabolism.

Since joining the faculty at the College at Brockport, Dr. Mattern has continued his research program, publishing studies investigating the glycemic and insulinemic responses to pre-exercise nutrition.  He has also published work evaluating the benefits of carbohydrate and carbohydrate/ protein based products for post-exercise recovery.   

Dr. Mattern currently teaches courses on the physiology of exercise, sport nutrition, as well as laboratory techniques in exercise physiology.  In addition he serves as the coordinator of the undergraduate Exercise Science major. 

In the area of service, Dr. Mattern serves on various campus-wide committees and acts as a reviewer for several exercise science journals.  In his spare time, Dr. Mattern is an avid cyclist and cross country skier who enjoys performing both activities with his family.  View Dr. Mattern's homepage


Heidi Byrne


Dr. Heidi Byrne joined the faculty of the College at Brockport in 1997 after completing her Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology at The University of Texas at Austin, where she studied the impact of training on resting metabolism in women, as well as environmental physiology.  Prior to her arrival in Brockport, Dr. Byrne taught exercise physiology and coached the men's and women's swimming teams at The University of Wisconsin at River Falls.  Upon her arrival to The College at Brockport, Dr. Byrne became the Exercise Physiology Laboratory Director. 

She has been involved in multiple phases of design and renovation of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory, which is now a state-of-the-art research and educational facility.  In 2000, she became the Exercise Physiology Concentration Coordinator and Internship Director.  As of 2009, she serves as the Co-Chair of the newly designated Exercise Physiology Major and remains the Internship Coordinator.  Having served as the Internship Coordinator for a number of years, she has been able to significantly increase the number of internship site affiliations, expanding the placement opportunities for students.

Dr. Byrne currently conducts research studies evaluating glycemic and insulinemic responses to pre-exercise nutrition and studies evaluating benefits of carbohydrate and carbohydrate/ protein based products for post-exercise recovery.  Dr. Byrne has several publications in peer reviewed journals in the areas of exercise and nutrition. Dr. Byrne teaches various courses in the department, including The Physiological Basis of Conditioning and Sport, Advanced Exercise Physiology, and Exercise Physiology Laboratory Techniques.  In 2007 she was awarded the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. View Dr. Byrne's homepage.


Elizabeth Lenz

Elizabeth Lenz

Dr. Elizabeth K. Lenz joined the faculty of the College at Brockport in 2011 after completing her Ph.D. in Health Sciences with and emphasis in Exercise Physiology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. There she studied the impact of sedentary behavior on various cardiometabolic health variables related to chronic disease development in older adults. She also is interested in physical activity and sedentary behavior assessment methodology and physical activity and health promotion. As she begins her career here at the College at Brockport she plans on continuing research in these areas.

As she joins the Exercise Physiology faculty she will be teaching the Physiological Basis for Exercise and Sport and designing two new courses on Health Promotion and Physical Activity and Exercise in Special Populations. She will also work with Drs. Byrne and Mattern on the development of a faculty and staff fitness center where the exercise physiology students will receive real world experience designing and implementing exercise testing and prescription with those participating in the fitness center program.

Additionally Dr. Lenz had publications in peer-reviewed journals in the areas of physical activity assessment, physical activity interventions, and the examination of sedentary behavior and health. View Dr. Lenz's homepage.


Amanda Shearer



Amanda came to The College at Brockport in 2009 and has experience developing exercise prescriptions and stress testing for an array of clinical populations, including cardiac, pulmonary, and bariatric patients  She also has experience developing comprehensive employee wellness programs focusing on exercise, risk factor management, healthy lifestyle education, and behavior management.  Amanda enjoys dance, traveling and spending time with her family.  Ms. Shearer homepage.


Brooke Starkoff



Dr. Brooke Starkoff joined the Exercise Science faculty at the College at Brockport in 2013. In early 2013, she completed her Ph.D. in Kinesiology at The Ohio State University, with a research focus on the influence of high intensity interval exercise on endothelial function and inflammation in adolescents with obesity.

Prior to her experience at OSU, Dr. Starkoff worked as an exercise physiologist in a pediatric weight management program in Cleveland, Ohio. There, she was able to run children and adolescents through fitness assessments and create and teach methods for implementing regular physical activity. Currently, Dr. Starkoff teaches Cardiac Rehabilitation and Obesity in Society. She is interested in continuing her research with obesity in and examining the effects of exercise on arterial stiffness and endothelial function in children.Dr. Starkoff's homepage.

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