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Green Leadership Certificate Workshops

Consciousness of Self

“Diversity” with Dr. Don Halquist, Assistant Professor of Education and Human Development
While race is often perceived as the most salient aspect of diversity, it is not the only signifier. During this interactive session, we will explore how recognition of other aspects of diversity including religion, socioeconomic class, (dis)ability, first language, gender, and sexual orientation can combine to create inclusive communities in which no member is disenfranchised. Together, we will consider what this broader definition means for our work as citizens and leaders in the twenty-first century.
Monday, March 3; 12:30pm, College Union B116

“Finding Your Passion” with Phyllis Griswold, Career Counselor
Call it passion, enthusiasm or fire in the belly - it's what energizes successful people. According to a recent survey, about 75% of all people do not know what their true passion is. Clearly it's not as easy as it sounds to find your passion! Come find out how to unlock yours!
Monday, February 24; 1:30pm, College Union 119
Tuesday, April 1; 3:30pm, College Union 119

“What’s Gender Got to do with It?” with Rich Sigal, Resident Director and Kendra Cadogan, Resident Director
This workshop explores some of the unfair expectations and gender stereotypes that men and women in leadership roles often face. We will identify and discuss strategies for overcoming these stereotypes and provide tips to help both women and men be the best leaders they can be.
Thursday, March 27; 3:00pm, College Union 119



“Discovering Your Direction” with Monique Rew-Bigelow, Coordinator of Living Learning Communities
At this session, you will have the opportunity to describe your own ethical foundation and explore how ethics plays a major part in personal and professional lives. This workshop will help you to see how your own values, life experience and perspective affect your ethical principles, how you feel about and approach others and how to develop these elements throughout your personal and professional lives in a positive and healthy manner.
Monday, February 10; 3:30pm, College Union 119
Wednesday, March 5; 5:00pm, Benedict/Dobson Main Lounge

“Personal Branding” with Josh Fegley, Assistant Director of the Health Center
This session will explore the five questions that will help you develop a personal brand that demonstrates congruence between your values, attitudes, and behaviors. Strategies to enhance and maintain your personal brand, both in the real and digital worlds, will be explored as well as how to use your personal brand to achieve goals, build community, and lead others.
Monday, February 3; 2:30pm, College Union 119
Tuesday, February 11; 12:30pm, College Union 119

“Thinking Through Media” with Bryan Picciotto, Graduate Assistant for Leadership Development
TV, movies, books, and music impact our perspectives about social issues in both positive and negative ways. As a leader, how will you respond to media’s conflicted messages about society? At this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to think critically about social issues through different forms of communication.
Thursday, February 13; 2:00pm, College Union 119
Wednesday, March 26; 2:30pm, College Union B116

“Who Stays and Who Goes?” with Anna Barone, Student Conduct Coordinator, and Matt Barone, Assistant Director of Campus Life
Escape with us to a deserted island as we discover who we are, as individuals, and how your personal values play out when working together to survive. Your values do not mean much until you put them into action so come take a stand with us to see what is really important to you and how your choices affect the lives of others.
Tuesday, February 18; 4:00pm, College Union 119
Friday, March 28; 3:30pm, College Union B116



“Becoming a Change Agent” with Nekita Whyte, Resident Director
Time is one of the most precious resources we have. What you do with your time can make a difference in the local, national, and global community. Come and learn how to become an agent of positive change!
Monday, March 31; 3:00pm, College Union 119
Thursday, April 3; 5:00pm, Benedict/Dobson Main Lounge

“Creating an Inclusive Community” with Sara Kelly, Assistant Director of Resident Life/Learning Communities
Come to this interactive session to discuss how to utilize your leadership skills to make our communities inclusive places where everyone can be successful. Be prepared to dive into controversial issues that our society faces and challenge yourself to make positive change in our communities!
Tuesday, February 25; 1:00pm, College Union 119

“Lessons from the Most Positive Person in Town” with Dale Hartnett, Adjunct Lecturer for Communication
We all know "positive people." Many of us enjoy being around positive people. In this session, you will discover the way that positive people deal with ordinary life challenges in extraordinary ways. You will also be given tools that may help you determine just how positive you are.
Wednesday, February 19; 1:25pm, College Union B116
Tuesday, March 11; 2:00pm, College Union 119

“What’s Your Motivation?” with Kim Piatt, Coordinator of Leadership Development
Demonstrating true leadership can sometimes be challenging and tiring.  In these situations, it is valuable to know what motivates you to succeed!  As you think about your future, what is most important to you? Time to figure out what will keep you going when the going gets tough!
Wednesday, February 5; 1:30pm, College Union 119
Monday, March 10; 3:30pm, College Union Gallery