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-- Sunday, February 16, 2014 --


The Seventh Annual Student Leadership Conference was immensely successful, with more than 300 students in attendance along with 17 Brockport alumni. For the first time, a group of students was solely responsible for the event, planning everything from the keynote speaker to the menu. Capstone Student Amisail Perez '14 reflected on the experience, saying "I am fortunate to have had the chance to work with such a brilliant an amazing group of people. I also appreciate that we were given the chance to be the first group of students to be able to plan the conference. I believe we have all learned and grown as leaders from this experience."

Feedback from alumni presenters has been extremely positive as well! Jay Berger '78, wrote to our students "I want to thank all of you for including me in the program for the Leadership Conference this year. Seeing the program up close and personal I want to congratulate you. I think you are bridging a gap between the classroom and actively employing knowledge and effort in the real world."

Student response has been overwhelmingly positive as well, with 97% of students indicating they enjoyed the event and the message of our keynote resonating long after the day. "The leadership conference was sincerely one of my favorite Brockport events that I have attended. It has greatly impacted me and I am very grateful to have been able to attend! What an amazing event."

Conference Planning Team: Mary Clark '14, Brian Crawford '13, Jeiri Flores '14, Chuck Ko '15, Alyssa Mitchell '14, Amisail Perez '14, Noah Reger '13, and Moriah Sachs '14.


Conference Team Advisors: Lynda Cochran, Kim Haines, Kim Piatt, Bill Sachman, Nekita Whyte

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Meet our Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Sprinkles

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We were excited to welcome back our exciting Keynote Speaker, Jonathan Sprinkles.

Jonathan’s passion for helping people perform at their best stems from the agony that he felt when he lost his father to cancer at the age of 15. Attempting to mask the pain, he gave into peer pressure and the low expectations that surround many African-American men. However, Jonathan’s spirit wouldn’t allow him to stay down. Refusing to settle for life’s second best, he graduated college from the fourth-ranked marketing program in the country. At graduation, he was awarded the two highest leadership designations given to any student out of an enrollment of over 53,000.

After college, Jonathan enjoyed a thriving career as a top salesman at Dell, Inc. Jonathan was hand-picked by senior management to join an elite group of Senior Account Managers who were responsible for acquiring new business in the fastest growing segment of the company. Because of the leadership, customer service, and team-building skills that he developed within a high-stakes sales environment, Jonathan was bestowed with the coveted title as the “Significant Achiever” among a pool of 400 of the corporation’s best sales reps.

Jonathan opted out of the fast-track in his corporate position to launch his own company and live his mission to inspire people to live bigger lives, which he has done for 10 years. His high-energy presentations on motivating yourself and others, connecting (communication/ relationships), being a Change-Maker (leadership), and prospering under pressure (change) go against grain of traditional thinking that is rooted in myths that sound good but don’t work in today’s marketplace. Jonathan’s strategies are so effective, they have become favorites among corporations, government agencies, professional associations, universities, and national media outlets.

After just a few minutes with Jonathan, his quick wit and down-home style of “teaching beautiful people to act like it,” will make you feel like you’ve known him your entire life. Jonathan Sprinkles’ life is one that we can all celebrate as proof that success isn’t about where you start, but where you choose to finish!


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