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"I Promise To..."
Sunday, February 15, 2015

11:00am - 4:00pm
Seymour College Union

The Annual Student Leadership Conference at The College at Brockport is open to all students who wish to learn more about leadership. Planned by the Capstone Leadership Certificate students, the conference features alumni presenters who have learned leadership lessons in their lives, and can share with students how they, too, can demonstrate leadership. Stemmed from the programs core principles that everyone can be a leader, this conference's theme and keynote help deliver the message that action, not position, matter most when defining leadership, and everyone has the ability to make lasting social change.

Conference Planning Team: Kendra Andrew '15, Amber Blidy '15, Daniela Bulos '15, Allyson Burkhart '15, Sarah Gelfand '15, Will Mitchell '15, Beth Pagliuca '15, and Amie Zwecker '15.

Conference Team Advisors: Lynda Cochran, Kim Haines, Kim Piatt, Bill Sachman

Meet our Keynote Speaker: Alex Sheen


After the passing of his father, Alex Sheen found “Because I said I would” a nonprofit organization and movement that is dedicated to bettering humanity and society through making promises and following through on those promises. By writing down our promises on promise cards, Alex believes we are more committed to following through with what we say we will do. According to Alex, these promises can be as large or as small as you make them, and some of his include “recycling,” “taking terminally ill children to Disney word,” and “committing to hurricane Sandy relief efforts.” Alex credits his father for the idea of starting this movement, as his father always followed through with his promises throughout his life, and that was an inspiration to how Alex lives his life. Promise cards were distributed at Alex’s father funeral as a way to honor his life. Since then Alex has been sending free promise cards to those who request them, as well as developing an online template for Promise Cards that people can download. Alex believes that, too often, people say they will “get around” to things or they say they will “tomorrow.” Promise cards help to eliminate that language, and help people actually do what they say they will.

Because I said I would has become a movement that has been featured on television programs including the TODAY show, the Steve Harvey show and ABC News with Diane Sawyer.

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