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"What's Your Story?"
Sunday, February 21, 2016

11:00am - 4:00pm
Seymour College Union

The Annual Student Leadership Conference at The College at Brockport is open to all students who wish to learn more about leadership. Planned by the Capstone Leadership Certificate students, the conference features alumni presenters who have learned leadership lessons in their lives, and can share with students how they, too, can demonstrate leadership.

Conference Planning Team: MaryKate Albin '16, Sharon Ayiku '16, Felicia Heideman '16, Kaitlin Koban '16, Rina Sherman '16, Elyse Springer '16 and Nikole VanWie '16.

Conference Team Advisors: Lynda Cochran, Kim Haines, Kim Piatt, Bill Sachman

Call for Programs

The Leadership Development Program Conference Planning Committee is currently calling for programs for our 9th Annual Student Leadership Conference, scheduled for Sunday, February 21, 2016. Our theme is "What’s Your Story?” and we invite you to reflect on your journey as a leader. Please consider sharing your story as a program presenter in relation to one or more of the following topics:

  • Community: How is your story impacted through the development of your community, and how can participants do the same through work within their own communities?
  • Leadership Development: Examine specific skill sets that will help participants become more effective leaders. How can participants recognize their own stories as leaders, while appreciating the stories of others?
  • Civic Engagement: How can participants create meaningful change through participation in civic life and effectively address issues of public concern?

Each session will be 50 minutes long and attended by approximately 25 - 50 students. As you are crafting your presentation, please keep in mind our goal is to provide engaging and interactive sessions that allow the participants to reflect on their own leadership experiences. We are excited to hear the stories Brockport alumni will be sharing at the conference, as we know that these stories will offer inspiration and allow participants to self reflect as growing leaders. All sessions will take place in the Seymour College Union.

The Annual Student Leadership Conference is an opportunity for participants in the Leadership Development Program to gain new insight from active leaders in our community as well as build on the knowledge they have received from the program and previous conferences. With your help and expertise, this conference can be our best yet!

Submit your proposal by Monday, December 7

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