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At The College at Brockport, we provide formal opportunities for leadership development through our co-curricular certificate program based on the Social Change Model of Leadership. Our nationally recognized Leadership Development Program offers students the opportunity to engage in a variety of experiences shown to promote the development of the skills needed to demonstrate leadership in a diverse world. Through engaging workshops, mentoring relationships with faculty, staff and students, social action projects, discussions and events that promote an understanding of social justice and annual leadership conferences that help students develop relationships with Brockport alumni, the program allows students to a greater understanding of themselves, others and society.

Order of Certificates


Our Guiding Principles:

  • All students have the capacity to demonstrate leadership.
  • Leadership is a process that leads to social change.
  • Leadership is purposeful and collaborative.
  • Leadership is service and civic engagement.
  • The application of sound leadership principles enables us to leave the world in a better place than when we entered it.
  • Leadership concepts are explored across all academic disciplines and can be learned through curricular and co-curricular experiences.

Our Foundation:

The Leadership Development Program is based primarily on the following models, theories and tools:


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