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Organization Leadership Certificate Program

The Organization Leadership Certificate is designed for club and organization leaders to help develop the tangible skills needed to achieve success as a group.

In addition, the Organization Leadership Certificate provides professional development to club and organization leaders.This certificate is based on the Student Leadership Challenge.

As a result of the Organization Leadership Certificate, students will

  1. Examine personal values and evaluate how their actions are congruent with their beliefs
  2. Develop clear goals and establish meaningful ways to assess the achievement of these objectives
  3. Experiment with innovative approaches to challenges faced by their organization
  4. Design opportunities that will engage others in the success of their organization
  5. Value and actively recognize the contributions of others

Workshops are open to ALL club and organization leaders, even if not enrolled in the Organization Leadership Certificate. Workshops will be a mix between traditional one hour sessions and half hour "speed training" sessions. Each workshop will be offered twice per semester.

Students seeking the certificate will be assigned a faculty/staff coach to work with them throughout the year, will be required to reflect implementing strategies from each workshop, and will have the opportunity to take the Student Leadership Practices Inventory. The certificate is designed to take two semesters. Students who are seeking the certificate should register below. Space is limited to 20 students each semester.

Registration for the OLC is closed.

Workshops Offered

Running an Effective Meeting
Attend this workshop to learn how to plan and run meetings that will engage your members and strengthen your club or organization.

Group Dynamics
Do you know all the phases of group formation? Learn how you can prepare for each stage of transition your group will encounter.

Event Planning
Learn the ins and outs of planning an event at Brockport. Find out how to take an idea from start to finish to create outstanding programs.

Delegation and Empowerment
Many leaders fear delegation, but the best leaders thrive with it. Learn how to empower your members to take your club or organization to the next level.

Financing Your Organization
How do you maintain a budget? How can you get funding for your events?

Promotion and Marketing
Learn how to recruit members for your organization and promote your events and activities.

Goal Setting
What are you hoping to accomplish with your group? Do you know how you will get there?

Keeping the Team Motivated
Once you've recruited your members, you need to keep them involved! How can you keep up morale, even during busy times?

Conflict Resolution
Every group is sure to experience conflict. Learn the best strategies to use when navigating different opinions within your group.

Success Planning and Transitions
Learn how to transition members into new leadership positions to make sure that your organization is sustainable.

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