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Leadership Development Program

Presidential Leadership Certificate Program


Presidential Leadership Certificate Information

Upon completion of the Gold Leadership Certificate, a student can register for the Presidential Certificate. The Presidential Leadership Certificate focuses on Citizenship. This stage of leadership development focuses on societal values, building off the Green and Gold Leadership Certificates' focus on individual and group values.
As a result of this program, students will be able to:

  • Identify and assess community needs.
  • Select to participate in ongoing civic engagement.
  • Define various attributes and behaviors associated with citizen and be able to define what citizenship means to them.
  • Examine their role as a citizen in their community.
  • Discuss and analyze local, national, and global issues by participating in the seminar course.


Overview of Presidential Leadership Certificate Program Requirements:

  • Participants will enroll in GEP 303- Leadership & Society in the Fall Semester.
  • Participants will complete various in-class projects and assignments related to current events, leadership theories, and citizenship.
  • Participants will attend the Leadership Development Program Kick-Off Event.
  • Participants will continue to develop their E-Portfolio throughout the program.
  • Students will complete an internship in the Spring Semester related to their career and academic goals.
  • Attend and/or present at the Spring Leadership Conference on February 19, 2012



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