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Sports Leadership Certificate

The Sports Leadership Certificate is a collaborative program between Athletics, Campus Recreation and Leadership Development. It is designed for active student athletes to help develop the skills needed to achieve success, both on and off the field.

As leaders in sport, it is you who helps to encourage, motivate, lift up and build confidence in your fellow teammates in order to achieve the ultimate goal of success. This program is designed to prepare you for the many roles you will face as a leader in your sport as well as in everyday life. At the end of this program, you will have the necessary tools to help with resolving conflict, increasing team moral and motivation, skills to sustain composure in the heat of the competition as well as enhance your own perception of the importance of character and leadership in sport.

As a result of the Sports Leadership Certificate, students will

  • articulate the ways in which they demonstrate leadership on their athletic team
  • develop the skills needed to promote sportsmanship and positive behavior as a student role model
  • apply their role as a student leader to make a positive impact on their community and influence social change
  • prepare for life after graduation by examining ways in which experiences relate to professional aspirations

Workshop Topics

  • Exploring Leadership

  • Confidence: Believing in your Ability to Lead

  • Character: Conducting Yourself With Class

  • Encourager: Inspiring Your Team and Putting your Teammates First

  • Encourager: Building a Winning Team Chemistry and Getting Your Team Back on Track

  • Commitment: Motivation

  • Composure: Keeping Cool Under Pressure

  • Enforcer: Minimizing Team Conflict

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