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The Tunnel at Brockport

The Tunnel of Oppression could not be possible without the students, faculty and staff who help plan the event! We need your help!

Help Us with Tunnel 2015

Looking to create a room for the Tunnel of Oppression? We need rooms for the 2015 Tunnel.

We are always looking for students, faculty, or staff who would like to choose a topic and create a room around that topic. If you are interested please contact the Tunnel of Oppression Planning Committee.

We need volunteers to help with the Registration Table and to serve as Tour Guides!

Registration Table: Welcome and check people into the event, assign tunnel tour guides to groups, answer questions about the event.

Tunnel Tour Guide: Lead small groups through The Tunnel, read from a provided script, manage traffic flow in the event, assist visitors.

To volunteer, please email the Tunnel of Oppression Planning Committee.

Tunnel Volunteers