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Recreation and Leisure Studies

Mr. Arthur Graham
Office: 13 Hartwell Hall
Phone: (585) 395-5491


Arthur Graham Hello, I am Arthur Graham and I am a faculty member of the department. Being an educator is my second career. For the first 20 years of my working life I worked in the field of communications/electronics. In 1989, I took the fateful step of leaving my comfortable job as a manufacturing engineer to explore my options. I found myself taking courses in recreation at my local comunity college. I obtained an associates in Applied Science and found that I desired more. In 1992, I entered the Recreation and Leisure Studies program at SUNY Cortland, graduating in 1994. I was recruited by Eastern Kentucky University to be a graduate assistant in the Department of Recreation and Park Administration. While there I focused my studies on local and regional planning and employee safety and health. I graduated with a Master of Science in Recreation and Park Administration in August 1995. In December 1995 I was invited to join the faculty at SUNY Brockport as an adjunct member. In August 2000 I joined the faculty as a full-time member.

As I reflect on the first half of my life, I have few comments to share that are I think are pertinent to my current career. First, I wish someone had presented recreation, parks and leisure as a career option to me after I left high school. I was a Boy Scout for nine years and my parents took my brother and me on regular camping trips and outings, instilling in both of us (unwittingly) a strong leisure ethic. Additionally, I have been a user of parks and consumer recreation services all of my life. As a result, when I entered this field, I realized it was where I belonged all along. Second, for the teaching aspect. When I entered this profession, like all undergraduates, I did not know the area I wanted to concentrate in. However, in retrospect, teaching was my destiny. I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others. In the Boy Scouts, I shared my skills with younger scouts rather than spent time with my peers. While in the U.S.A.F., I was my section training NCO. Today, I get a great amount of pleasure from teaching.

Theorists argue that work cannot be leisure; they are at opposite ends of the spectrum. And they are correct. But, I will argue that I am currently experiencing virtually all of the characteristics normally attributable to leisure.

I encourage you to contact me to discuss the opportunities. My phone number is (585) 395-5491. Or send me an e-mail at I am most happy to speak with you!!!

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