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Brockport / Rec & Leisure / Outcomes

Accreditation Learning Outcomes

Department Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Recreation and Leisure Studies undergraduate program, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the foundations of the profession in history, science and philosophy. COAPRT 7.01
  2. Describe the nature, scope, resources and best practices in the field of park, recreation, leisure, tourism or related professions and associated industries. COAPRT 7.01
  3. Utilize methods and techniques pertinent for exploring leisure and recreation related social phenomena and emerging issues related to the field. COAPRT 7.01
  4. Synthesize information in order to design, implement, and evaluate services in various programming areas of leisure and recreation. COAPRT 7.02
  5. Apply the concept of cultural diversity and cultural competence in various recreation and leisure related settings and contexts. COAPRT 7.02
  6. Apply information on the basic facts, concepts, principles, and procedures of management/administration to their practical experience in parks, recreation, tourism and/or related professions. COAPRT 7.03
  7. Apply their disciplinary knowledge and competencies through a comprehensive semester-long internship program that will assist them to achieve professional competence and technical expertise. COAPRT 7.04


Assessment Results Spring 2013

Faculty met on August 21, 2013 to share results from assessments of learning in spring 2013 and their alignment with the department learning outcomes. Efforts to assure that these assessments provide quality measures were also reviewed. The decided benchmark is 80% of the class will receive 80% or better on assessments. Discussion was held regarding what this means. Faculty will be assessing two outcomes per course as outlined on the schedule. Some revisions to the timeline and curriculum map of outcomes were discussed. Faculty members made plans to adjust curriculum in the classes they teach to better meet learning outcomes. 


Assessment Results Fall 2013

Faculty met on January 30, 2014 to share results from assessments of learning in fall 2013. It appears the majority of classes had successful results based on the department benchmark. Faculty have taken a positive approach to assessment and are making changes based on results as necessary. Examples include new readings, adding guest speakers, providing clarity on assignment directions or rubrics, creating new exam questions, or enhancing instructional methods in the classroom. Those classes that are offer multiple sections discussed the importance of having the same outcomes and measures yet maintaining academic freedom for delivery of content.


Summary COAPRT Report

Assessment Timeline

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