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Recreation and Leisure Studies

Program Policies

The graduate Recreation and Leisure Studies program adheres to all College graduate policies with the following additional policies:

  • At least 18 of the minimum of 36 credits in the Master of Science in Recreation and Leisure Studies program must be taken at the 600 level or above.

  • Graduates of The College at Brockport undergraduate program in Recreation and Leisure Studies may not enroll in any 500-level courses previously completed at the 400-level during their undergraduate studies.

  • A study plan is required to be developed and signed with the academic advisor.

  • Students without a BA/BS in Recreation and Leisure Studies with an internship in administration or who have not had two years of experience in recreation and leisure service management must complete the graduate internship. Students who do satisfactorily meet these conditions, in consultation with their academic advisor, must then select another course at the 500 level or higher to satisfy the degree requirements.

  • If the applicant lacks computer competence as demonstrated by the successful completion of a course in microcomputer applications or proof of work experience in word processing, Internet use, spread sheets, or presentation software, then as a deficiency, the applicant is required to complete an undergraduate course in computer literacy. Or, by advisement, the applicant may be allowed to enroll in a graduate level introductory computer course.

  • To earn a graduate degree at The College at Brockport, the student must complete all degree requirements with a minimum cumulative index of 3.0 or better. After completing nine or more graduate credits, if the cumulative index is below 3.0, the graduate student will be placed on mandatory academic probation for one semester. If the 3.0 cumulative index is not achieved at the end of the probationary semester, the student is automatically dismissed from the program.

  • Graduate students deemed as not making reasonable progress toward the degree, as defined by published department policy, may be dismissed from the program by the department. It is the policy in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies to comply with the College's definition of a full-time graduate student. For a part-time graduate student, reasonable progress toward the degree is three graduate credits per semester. For both the full-time and the part-time graduate student, enrollment must be maintained in two of three terms for a given calendar year (e.g., fall semester and spring semester, spring semester and summer session, or fall semester and summer session).

  • A student dismissed from the graduate Recreation and Leisure Studies program may be considered for readmission if graduate course work has been completed that raises the cumulative index to a 3.0 or better, and if such course work was pre-approved by the graduate faculty members in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies.

Last Updated 4/1/13