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Brockport / Rec & Leisure / Management Emphasis

Recreation and Leisure Studies

Recreation Management Emphasis

The concentration in Recreation Management is a generalist curriculum designed to prepare the student for several management based career options.

Public-sector recreation at the municipal or state level is comprised of village, town, county and state recreation and park agencies.

Even though military recreation is public-sector as it is government, it should be categorized separately. Military recreation provides recreation opportunities for individuals and families serving in the armed services. Individuals opting for this career area are not members of the military, but are civilian workers employed by the federal government.

The nonprofit sector of recreation organizations is comprised of agencies like the YMCA, YWCA, Boys/Girls Clubs, religious organizations, and quasi-government organizations organized as nonprofit agencies. Additionally, many organizations providing recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities are nonprofit.

Required Courses  
REL 313 Economic and Community Development in Recreation  
REL 411 The Legal Environment of Recreation  
REL 416 Nonprofit Management of Leisure Organizations  


Electives (choose two courses)  
REL 395 Sustainable Development & Management in Recreation and Tourism  
REL 430 Special Event Planning  
Other selections as approved by the department

Last Updated 8/14/15