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An Interview with Josh Dillon

Headshot of Josh Dillon

Question: Tell us about your job with the town. What does it entail?

Answer: I am a Recreation Leader for the Town of Pittsford. I oversee a variety of seasonal programming, assist in coordinating special events, as well as support the Recreation Supervisors with their day-to-day activities.

Question: Was this something you wanted to do from the moment you set on campus, or did being at Brockport help you make up your mind?

Answer: I came to campus knowing that I wanted to eventually end up working in a municipal setting. This goal was cemented from the moment I set foot in Brockport and started the REL program. I really began to understand what is required of a recreation professional and knew it was the right path for me. 

Question: How has your REL education helped in your work? How do you apply what you've learned?

Answer: My REL education has helped in my work by allowing me to realize the significance of working within a group to achieve a common goal. I have also learned the value of staying current with up and coming trends as well as the importance of actively networking. The connections I made and the lessons I learned while at Brockport are a major reason why I am where I am today.

Question: What was your favorite aspect of the REL program? What's your best academic memory of school?

Answer: My favorite aspect of the REL program is that you aren’t just taking instruction from a textbook and getting tested on it. Whether it be creating and implementing a game, having local professionals visit the classroom, or carrying out an internship, these are invaluable opportunities at hand within the program to really practice what you’re learning about.

Question: Was there a particular professor who was a big influence on you?

Answer: The professors in the department are genuinely interested in your current and future successes and every professor I had the pleasure of learning from had a major influence on me. Mr. Graham’s dedication to the profession, Dr. Sperazza’s constant stream of energy and enthusiasm, Mr. Compton’s realistic and pertinent lessons, and Ms. Vander Molen’s creative approach to teaching are all things that have inspired me as a student and a professional.

Question: What would you tell some one looking to major in REL at Brockport?

Answer: I would tell them that it is the best decision they will have ever made. You get to help people have fun, how awesome is that?

Last Updated 10/19/12