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Brockport / Rec & Leisure / undergrad

Recreation and Leisure Studies

Undergraduate Program

Recreation Management Emphasis

Tourism Management Emphasis

Therapeutic Recreation Emphasis

Minor in Recreation and Leisure Studies

The department offers the bachelor's degree program with concentrations in Recreation Management, Tourism Management, and Therapeutic Recreation. To graduate with a major in Recreation and Leisure Studies, students must complete 26.5 credits of core course work, 15 credits in an emphasis (either Recreation Management, Tourism Management or Therapeutic Recreation), 18 credits of guided elective and a 15 credit internship.


Recreation and Leisure Studies Policies

  • Students may only apply 54 credits in REL course work toward graduation requirements. This includes credits completed for the Field Experience (REL 307), and Internship (REL 403).
  • Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in the REL major, and must receive a "C" or better in each REL course (all courses with a REL prefix).
  • Prior to performing the internship (REL 403), students must obtain First Aid and CPR Certifications.
  • New York state law requires that any individual working with children must be certified in Child Abuse Reporting. Therefore, prior to graduation, students must become certified.

Recreation and Leisure Studies Core Requirements

All REL majors are required to complete the following courses.

REL 302
Leisure the Individual and Society
REL 306
Recreation for Persons with Differing Abilities
PRO 421
Field Experience (Thursday Night Program)
REL 308
Recreation Programming and Leadership
REL 312
Administration of Leisure Human Services
REL 402
Current Leisure Problems and Issues
REL 410
Research and Evaluation Method in
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REL 414
Planning, Design, and Management of Recreation and Leisure Facilities
REL 307
Field Experience
REL 403
PRO 401
Professional Preparation

In addition to the core requirements, all REL students must take 18 credits of guided electives. Guided electives are courses taken outside of the department that buttress your knowledge and skills of your chosen concentration. Guided electives are chosen from a list of approved courses; there is a list for each of the three concentrations. When you declare REL as your major, all elements of our program can be found in the Undergraduate Advisement Handbook which is posted in Angel in the majors group page.

Last Updated 9/30/13