Integrating Library Services Into a Learning Management System

A Conference on
Computing in the Disciplines (COCID)

Guest Speakers

"Putting the Library in the Student's Hands: Resources and Help through the Learning Management System"

Abstract: Disciplinary library subject guides, online full-text and audio reserves, research tutorials, IM and instant research help and more are available seamlessly to students when they enter their ANGEL courses. Our presentation will combine real-time creation of library guides, a discussion of the development process, and next steps in reaching out to students to put library resources in the hands of students.


Elizabeth J. Pyatt, PhD, is an instructional designer at Penn State University where she worked with the University Libraries in the development of the Electronic Reserves and Library Subject Guide tools for ANGEL as well as EndNote training. She has worked on other courseware tools including blogs, building a multimedia repostiory, and developing tutorials for plagiarism. She is currently collaborating with the University Libraries in researching Zotero, the "next generation research tool." Click here to visit Dr. Pyatt's web site.


Loanne Snavely is Head of Instructional Programs at Penn State University Libraries where she leads the libraries’ initiatives in integrating library resources into course management systems and portals, teaching effectively with technology, online learning, library technology classrooms and the use of dynamically populated databases for sharing and tracking instruction. She is chair of the Institute for Information Literacy’s Executive Committee and the Association of College and Research Libraries’ Information Literacy Advisory Group. She has been a reference and instruction librarian at institutions large and small, private and public, for over twenty years. Loanne completed a Master of Librarianship degree at Emory University and a masters in art at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her research focus has been teaching and learning in the library. She has authored and coauthored a number of publications including Designs for Active Learning: A Sourcebook of Classroom Strategies for Information Education, “The Information Literacy Debate” and “The Learning Library.”


"Bringing the Library to Students: Linking Customized Library Resources through a Course-Management System" from the proceedings of the ACRL Eleventh National Conference in 2003:

"No Longer Missing: Tools for Connecting the Library with the Course Management System." March 16, 2004, by Elizabeth Pyatt and Loanne Snavely in Campus Technology:

"Where's the Library for this Course? - Moving the Library to Where the Students Are" Presentation, Educause 2004 annual conference, by Loanne Snavely and John T. Harwood: PowerPoint/PDF file


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