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12pm - 1:30am

Mission, Vision and Value Statements


With a commitment to the College’s mission, the broader educational experience, and with an emphasis on service, the mission of Drake Memorial Library is to organize and provide easy access to information sources which meet the curricular and research needs of our students and those within the academic community.


Drake Memorial Library envisions itself as a vibrant learning and research center for the The College at Brockport community, working collaboratively with the students, faculty and administration to support the College's mission and programs. We are committed to offering consistent high-quality service that supports student learning and success.

The Library is more than just our physical building and in-house collections. It is our staff with their talents and expertise, our programs, and our services, both Web and in-person.

The Library will be a respected and relied-upon source for curricular, information, and research resources and services; and be recognized as a key component in recruiting and retaining students, and in providing an enhanced educational experience.

We will collect, organize, and provide the best possible access to a collection of materials selected in sufficient quantity, depth, and diversity to support the curriculum and the teaching needs of the faculty.

We will actively promote our services and resources so that the College community will be aware of, and use, what we have to offer.

Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff will reach out to students and faculty to help with information needs and to provide expert guidance in the identification, interpretation, and use of library materials and information.

We will provide the opportunity, in collaboration with the teaching faculty, for students to build information literacy and life-long learning skills.

Our physical building will provide an environment that is inviting, attractive, and conducive to study and learning.

Our webpages will present and publicize our resources and services, encouraging their use from any location, and will provide an attractive, central, and logically arranged point of entry into the array of information resources available online.

We will strive to keep pace with evolving technology and resources, appropriately integrating them into our services and programs without sacrificing personal attention to individual students, faculty, and staff.

We will actively pursue cooperative arrangements for resource sharing, and consortial purchasing agreements with other libraries, in order to maximize the breadth, depth, and currency of our access to information resources.

The Library will provide its faculty and staff with a working atmosphere rooted in staff initiative, and dedicated to cooperation, creativity, collaborative decision making, and continual advancement of skills.



  • People Values
    • Mutual respect, Civility, Patient Understanding, Tolerance, Fair Treatment
    • Cooperation, Collegiality, Commitment to success (ours and students)
    • Integrity/honesty
    • Trust / Confidence
    • Tolerance
    • Friendly
    • Fair treatment
    • Concern
  • Job Values
    • Listening/Objectivity/Open mindedness
    • Service/Professionalism/Generosity
    • Innovation
    • Knowledgeable
    • Dedication/Perseverance
    • Personal Excellence
    • Learning as an organization / On-going assessment / Commitment to Continuous Improvement
  • Environmental Values
    • Functionality
    • Aesthetically Pleasing Environment
    • Accessibility
    • Safety
    • Stimulating
    • Comfort

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