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7:45am - 1:30am

Suggestion Box Responses

Below you will find responses to suggestions made by students, faculty, staff and community members of Drake Library. If you would like to suggest something, please fill out our Suggestion form. Thank you.

Fall 2010

Question: Why can't our library hours on Friday and Saturday reflect that of SUNY Geneseo? Stying open until 8 or 9pm on those days is not unrealistic. Nazareth, St. John Fisher, Geneseo all stay open later than Brockport.

Response: Our Friday and Saturday hours were adjusted to reflect actual usage of the library. Both Friday night and Saturday night averaged fewer than 10 users after 5 PM for most of the semester. Since the hours were changed, we have received only three comments about the changes. We will be adding Later Friday and Saturday hours for the last two week before finals in the Spring.

Fall 2008

Suggestion: Put a door at the south end of the library.

Response: Due to the need for security and the lack of staff resources, we cannot at this time put a public door at the south end of the library.


Suggestion: Is there any hope of restoring the book return dropbox in the Student Union?

Response: The book drop was removed for a variety of reasons, most significantly among them a lack of transport for the library materials placed in the book drop and the frequent use of the book drop as a garbage disposal. It is not likely that we could replace this service in the foreseeable future.

Past Semesters

Suggestion: Have an area, or book return, for commuters so they can drive through and return books.

Response: Although it is too late to do anything about it this semester, we will keep it in mind as our planning and construction projects continue.


Suggestion: The library is too noisy, i noticed more people come here to socialize and talk as opposed to study. I feel there should be more monitors to reinforce quiet rules. For example people in the study rooms are on the cell phones and are plain inconsiderate of who is next door to them. I need to be able to come here and study when my dorm is noisy which it is most of the time.

Response: Thank you for your comments regarding noise in Drake Library. We are acutely aware that noise is a problem in Drake, particularly due to roof construction this semester. Three initiatives we are working on this year include:

  1. We will be posting a library cell phone policy shortly inviting cell phone users to use the stairwells and other locations to minimize distraction to others;
  2. Some areas of the library on the main and top floors are receiving acoustical treatment (suspended ceilings) to cut down on noise;
  3. We are also working toward creating a quiet study space on the ground floor (in the Juvenile section).

If you have other suggestions, we are always interested. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Last Updated 10/21/2014