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Printed Thesis Guidelines

As a candidate for a master's degree, your department may require a thesis representing original research that contributes to your discipline.If your department requires that you submit the thesis to The College at Brockport’s Drake Library, you will need to do so (as of Fall 2013) electronically to Digital Commons, Brockport’s online repository.  This will increase the visibility of your scholarship and make your thesis available online for broad public and archival access. Submit your thesis electronically at: under the heading Master's Theses and Honors Projects.    

The Guidelines for Master's Thesis Preparation is a document that addresses parts of a thesis as well as physical formatting.

Your department may also require printed copies of your thesis, and you may wish to keep a paper copy. This webpage will provide information on the process and guidelines for printed thesis binding if required by your department.

Information on thesis type size, font, margins and print is listed as follows:

  • Use high-quality 25 or 100 percent cotton bond paper. This paper must have a watermark, be white, unlined and the standard 8-1/2" by 11" size. Do Not Use Staples brand 25% Cotton laser paper, it is too thick for binding.
  • Use a 10 or 12-point standard font such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, Geneva, Courier or Palatino
  • To facilitate binding , the left margin must be 1-1/2". The remaining margins should be 1-1/4".

For more information, or specific questions:

  • For Physical Copy Binding please contact Becky Cousins at (585) 395-5834.
  • For Digital Commons submission questions please contact Kim Myers (585) 395-2742
  • For all other thesis questions, please contact your thesis advisor, or the Graduate School Secretary at (585) 395-5816

To search for theses follow this link: Help: Find Theses.

Library Policies for Binding of Print Theses, etc.

In the absence of a digital copy the library requires a single copy of a thesis; the original with the approval pages signed in ink for the archives. The library does not pay for printing or photocopying. Students may submit personal copies to be bound for themselves. Departments may also require print copies.

The library pays for the binding of the two library copy. Either the student or department pays for the binding of personal or departmental copies. Refer to Thesis Binding Payment Table.

The title and author of the work will appear on the spine of the thesis You can have this information also printed on the front cover for an additional charge. The cover and lettering colors for bound copies are listed as follows:

  • Library copies: cover must be green with gold lettering
  • Department copies: cover must be green with gold lettering
  • Personal copies: cover may be any color (according to color swatches available in the Technical Services department) with gold lettering

The library will accept and archive theses only, not honors papers, undergraduate honors thesis, major projects, etc. The library will, however, bind the above stated items at the student's expense. Refer to Binding Costs Table.

A check or money order must be made out to Mutual Library Bindery, Inc. to enclose with the order. Turnaround time from the bindery varies. We will notify you when your order arrives. Drop-off and pick-up location is Drake Memorial Library, Technical Services Department, Ground Floor. Items may be picked up at Drake Memorial Library (Technical Services Department) upon return from the bindery.


Thesis Payment Table

Department Payment
Biology Will pay for 3 copies.
(1 advisor, 1 dept., 1 student)
Dance Will pay for the departmental copy only.
English Will pay for 2 copies.
(1 student, 1 dept.)
Health Requires 2 copies at the student's expense.
(1 advisor, 1 dept.)
KSSPE Will pay for 1-4 copies.
(1-3 advisor copies as requested, 1 dept.)


Binding Costs Table

Item Student Cost per Item Library/Departmental Cost per item
Spine Lettering
With Cover
Spine Lettering
With Cover
Thesis $16.00 $26.00 $12.00 $22.00
Honors Paper $16.00 $26.00 $12.00 $22.00
Major Project $16.00 $26.00 $12.00 $22.00
Book N/A $9.00 $19.00
Journal N/A $9.75 $19.75

Last Updated 03/22/2016