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12pm - 1:30am

Departmental Allocations

The total book allocation is divided among the academic departments using a formula that considers student credit hours, faculty size, books in circulation, book publishing statistics, and supplemental funding for interdisciplinary programs.

10% of each departmental book allocation is allocated for the purchase of media (CDs, DVDs, videos, etc). If the media allocation is not spent, it reverts to the department's book allocation.

See this page for a full explanation of allocation formula factors.

Spending Deadlines

The library encourages year-round ordering so requests can be processed and ready for ordering as soon as funds are available. Quarterly deadlines for encumbering/expending departmental allocations are as follows:

50% by October 31st

75% by January 31st

100 - 115%* by March 31st

*The acquisitions department over-encumbers each department's allocation at the end of the fiscal year by approximately 15% to accommodate for orders that have not been received by June 30th (end of fiscal year) to assure all allocations are indeed spent.

Failure to meet the deadlines may result in the reallocation of the department's allocation.

Last Updated 10/21/2014