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12pm - 1:30am

Library Coordinators

Role of Library Coordinator

A listing of coordinators is available in the Library Ordering Module in Web Banner.

1. Submit orders via the Banner-based Library Ordering Module and encourage colleagues in your department to submit orders for new books and media items that support the curriculum of the department.

Please consult Ordering Instructions for further information about the online ordering system.

2. Keep the flow of orders coming in so 50% of the department's allocation is encumbered/spent by the end of October, 75% by the end of January; and 100% by the end of March; and continue to submit orders throughout the Spring semester so there are always orders on hand for us to process.

3. Approve orders placed for your department via the Banner-based Library Ordering Module and via paper forms. This is our method to assure your control over orders, and to make sure that the needs of the entire department are met.

If needed, please contact Jennifer Smathers at x2151 to arrange for training on approving orders in the ordering module.

4. Encourage colleagues in your department to review your serials subscriptions each spring by the beginning of April to assure that we do not renew subscriptions you were planning to drop. Contact Susan Perry, Serials Librarian, at x5811 regarding any subscription changes.


Quarterly Deadlines

50% by January 14th
75% by February 28th
100% by March 31st

1. Orders should be submitted continuously throughout the year, as we do receive substantial discounts from our vendors.

2. If you need assistance in spending your departmental allocation, contact your Library Liaison.


Departmental Allocation

10% of your book allocation is designated for media. This can be adjusted to meet your needs. Unspent media money reverts to book money towards the end of the fiscal year.


Library Catalog

It is highly recommended that before submitting orders, you search them in the Library Catalog. You will be able to determine if the library already owns the item or has already placed an order for it.

Life-cycle of an order

1. Anyone with a Banner ID may submit orders via the Banner-based library odering module.

2. Departmental coordinators will then review orders for approval.

3. Librarian Liaisons will then review orders for approval.

4. Once approved/sent to Acquisitions, the Acquisitions department places firm orders with vendors based on allocation balance, available staff time, and relevant discounts.

5. Check in the Library Catalog for an update on the order's status. Search for the title and click Check Availability for more information.

"On order - Place Hold" mean the item has been placed on order with a vendor and has not yet arrived in the library
"In cataloging - Place Hold" means the item has arrived at the library and needs cataloging before it is ready to be checked out.
"Regular Loan, Due Date: Available" means that it is on the shelf and available to be checked out.

Please note: If you need to use the requested material within two months, please mark the request priority as RUSH to have it sent directly to the Acquisitions department.


Order Cards are still being accepted

1. Order cards, along with instructions for completing them, can be obtained by calling the Acquisitions Department x2144 or by emailing Susan Saladyga.

2. Order cards are used for BOOKS and MEDIA.

3. All order cards must be signed, initialed or stamped by the Library Coordinator.

4. Prioritize orders by designating a 1 or 2 in upper right corner of each card when submitting large quantities.

5. Those wishing to be notified when a book/media arrives should note this on the card.

6. Those needing items rushed should note RUSH in the upper right corner of the card.

7. Paperback copies are ordered whenever possible; lamination is available.


Media Orders

1. Like books, similar rules apply. Note the type of media in the MEDIA box.

2. Submitting brochures or a distributor’s address along with these orders can be very helpful.

3. When available, DVD formats will be purchased over VHS even if there is a difference in price.


Reserve Items

Items needed for Reserves will be ordered on a RUSH basis. If more than 1 copy is needed, library policy states 1 copy may be ordered for every 20 students in the class, with a 5 copy maximum.


Approval Slips

Drake Memorial Library has set up approval slip plans (without automatic book shipment) for many subject areas from Blackwell, Choice, Midwest Library Services, and Yankee Book Peddler.

These slips, announcing new titles, and offering a bibliographic description for each title, are sent to us weekly, monthly, or semi-annually, and are forwarded to academic departments for selecting.

Faculty may recommend a title to the Acquisitions Department by simply initialing the slip/card and returning it to the Acquisitions Department via the department's library coordinator.

The approval slip/card will serve as the order card for the title. You do not need to enter these orders into the Banner-based Library Ordering Module.


Publishers' Catalogs Links

Acquisitions maintains a lengthy listing of publishers’ links as well as links to out-of-print book dealers, and for price comparisons.

Last Updated 03/25/2016