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System Status Home / LITS / Drake Memorial Library / Acquisitions / Ordering Instructions Monday, Feb. 8, 2016
7:45am - 1:30am

Ordering Instructions

To place requests for book/media materials to be purchased for the library collection, use the Online Banner ordering module.

Please check the Library Catalog before submitting an order to be sure the library does not already own the item or have it on order.

Use of the online Banner Ordering Module will result in faster handling of your order.

Print Yellow card orders are still being accepted.

  1. Login to Banner using any of the standard links.
  2. Choose the Library Ordering Module Tab.
  3. Select Suggest items the library should purchase.

Banner Ordering Screenshot

  1. If you have an ISBN type it in and click Search ISBN to Autofill this form. This runs a search against and may provide you with a view of the cover or reviews.
    If nothing appears, or you don't have the ISBN, simply fill in the form yourself.

(Title, Order Tyle and Department are required fields.)

filled out order

  1. Click Submit.
  2. Your order must be approved by both your Library Coordinator and the Liaison Librarian.
  3. Once your order has been approved the Banner Ordering Module shows an order's status as "Sent to Acquisitions."
  4. Please check in the Library Catalog for an update on the order's status. Search for the title and click Check Availability for more information.
    "On order - Place Hold*" means the item has been placed on order with a vendor and has not yet arrived in the library
    "In cataloging - Place Hold*" means the item has arrived at the library and needs cataloging before it is ready to be checked out.
    "Regular Loan, Due Date: Available" means that it is on the shelf and available to be checked out.



  1. If you wish an item to be held for you, you want to be notified with the item has arrived, or you want the item placed on reserve, please note this in the "When this is available" drop down
  2. If an item is needed RUSH, please indicate RUSH drop-down Priority field.
  3. Paperback copies should be ordered whenever possible. Lamination is available.
  4. DVD format will be ordered unless only available in VHS.
  5. If you have an address for a small, obscure publishing firm, especially for media, record the address in the Comments box.
  6. If you have any questions or require additional print order cards, please call the Acquisitions Dept. at x2144 or email Susan Saladyga.

Further details for filling in fields on order requests:

Omit beginning words A, An, and The
If there is a colon in the title, record the first word or phrase beyond the colon.
(e.g. Plato’s Penal Code: the theory)
LAST name, FIRST name
If multiple editors, one editor's name is sufficient
Note the city (not state) of publication
e.g. Eng Cliffs for Englewood Cliffs
New Bruns for New Brunswick
Phila for Philadelphia
Wash DC for Washington, DC
Publisher’s name
Omit such words as “Publishers”, “Corporation”, “& Co”, “Inc”
University Press may be abbreviated to U Pr
Date of publication; four digits (e.g. 1999, 2003, etc.)
Leave blank for 1st edition; otherwise record 2nd, 3rd, Rev, etc.
Leave blank for books; otherwise note VHS, DVD, CD, etc.
Leave blank for hard/cloth copy or media
Note “pap” for paperback
Note 13-10 digits (or sometimes 9 and ending with the letter “x”) without hyphens.
Leave blank unless ordering a multi-volume set (or parts of)
(e.g. record 1st, 2nd, 3rd for a 3 volume set; record 2nd for volume 2 only)
# OF CC / # of Copies
Leave blank; will assume 1 copy.
Additional copies may only be ordered for RESERVES. Library policy states 1 copy for every 20 students in the class may be ordered, if necessary, with a 5 copy maximum.
Record the price in US Dollars

Last Updated 10/21/2014