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12pm - 8pm

Library Liaisons

Each academic department has been assigned a librarian whose role is to establish and maintain a good channel of communication with the departmental library coordinator and faculty. The liaison provides information on ordering procedures for books, serials, and media; allocation expenditure updates; lists of materials ordered; and library resources, services, and contacts. The liaison also seeks feedback on needs, problems, proposed curriculum changes, and levels of satisfaction, and performs quantitative and qualitative collection analyses. These analyses are shared with the department and used as a basis for collaboratively working out a collection development policy for both acquisitions and weeding. Through their contact with departments, with students and with the collection, librarians are able to identify areas in need of updating or expansion, and select and order materials to fill those needs.

A listing of library liaisons is available in the Library Ordering Module in Web Banner. Click the Library Ordering Module Tab, LOM Main Menu, View Complete List of Library Coordinator and Liaison Information under the Department Information Menu.

Last Updated 10/21/2014