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7:45am - 1:30am

Library Instruction

Planning a research assignment? We can help!

Services we offer:

Course-integrated Instruction
We can help your students locate and evaluate information, search library resources and/or tour the physical building. You can either bring your class to us, or we can come to you.
Research Guides
These guides are librarian created portals to high quality research information. They can be created for an entire discipline, or a specific course.

How to schedule a session:


Tips for Planning Your Library Assignments

  1. Design "applied" assignments.
  2. Students will find the library assignments more meaningful if they use the retrieved information for a task related to topics covered in the course.
  3. Teach research strategies where appropriate.
  4. Students often do not have the research skills that experienced researchers have.
  5. Provide students with resource lists.
  6. List specific information sources or types of sources for a particular assignment so that students have a starting point. Remember that many of our scholarly articles are accessible through the Internet, but that they are not necessarily Internet resources.
  7. Read our Planning Tips for Library Assignments.

Last Updated 10/21/2014