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System Status Home / LITS / Drake Memorial Library / Faculty Support / Placing Items on Course Reserve Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015
6pm - 1:30am

Placing Items on Course Reserve

Please allow one week for reserve items to be processed.


  1. Search our Catalog or Citation Linker to see if we own the item.
    • Items on shelf: Choose "Place on Course Reserve" from the full information screen. (Video example)
    • E-books: see linking in ANGEL to create links that will work for off-campus users.
  2. For articles: Search our content available online.


  1. Print and fill out the Request to add Books/Media form
  2. Bring the form and your copy to the Reserves Desk.


  1. Fill out the Scanning Request form
  2. After submitting the request you will see a message with a 6-digit transaction number.
  3. Note this transaction number on the physical item (a Post-It is fine) and
  4. Bring a hard copy over to the Reserves Desk or Interlibrary Loan office (rm. 119)
  5. We will email you an accessible PDF that you can then upload to your ANGEL page. See ANGEL support for help
  6. Your item will be available at the Circulation Desk upon completion of scanning.


  • If you don't own a copy, you can suggest that the library purchase one for the collection.

Important Copyright Information - click here for more information

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