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7:45pm - 3am

Ask a Librarian

Call. Text. Ask.    (585) 210-9870

Drake Memorial Library at the College at Brockport is now using Google Voice to expand its reference desk services. Our new phone number allows for you to call or text the reference desk. Text messages will be responded to by a librarian at Drake during open library hours. Voice calls to the number will ring the reference desk (x2760 on campus). Responses may be delayed up to three hours depending on human availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who will be answering my questions?
  2. Does it cost?
  3. How long does it take to get a response?
  4. Why does the phone number not look like other campus numbers?
  5. What types of questions are best for this service?








  1. Your questions will be answered by a librarian at Drake Memorial Library.
  2. The service is FREE thanks to Google, but normal text messaging rates apply.
  3. We will respond as quickly as possible during normal business hours, but sometimes it may take us up to 3 hours to get back to you. If your needs are immediate, please call us.
  4. The phone number was given to us by Google Voice, and is local to Rochester, NY which is a local call from Brockport. If campus numbers are not a local call for you but Rochester is, you may wish to dial our Google Voice number to reach us.
  5. Questions with a response of fewer than 140 characters are best for this service. If you need in depth help, please send us an email or use our instant messaging feature on the Ask a Librarian page.

Last Updated 10/21/2014