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7:45am - 1:30am

Find Articles by Citation

1. Read the citation and pick out the journal title.
2. Use the Journals tab to find a database containing your journal.
3. Search within the database to find your specific article (by year or issue).

If you have a citation of an article and need to find the full text, follow these instructions:

Example citation:
Ritchey, K., Schuster, J., & Allen, J. (2008, October). How the relationship between text and headings influences readers’ memory. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 33(4), 859-874. Retrieved February 4, 2009, doi:10.1016/j.cedpsych.2007.11.001

1. Find the journal title for the article. In this case, it is Contemporary Educational Psychology volume 33 issue 4, published in October 2008.

2. Go to the library’s home page, and use the Journals tab to search for the journal by title.

Journals tab

3. If the journal is listed, we have access to the title. Look in the coverage dates to determine if the issue of journal you need is available electronically.
Note: If the database listed is Print Journals in Drake, we own the journal title in hardcopy and you need to come to the library to copy the article. Take note in the catalog to find out if the issue you need is located on the Main or Ground floor.

Journals tab

4. Enter the database by using the link provided.

5. Use one of the following methods to navigate to the article:

Method 1: Use your citation to navigate to the specific issue by date (eg: First 2008, then volume 33 then issue number 4).

Method 2: Attempt to search within the publication if you can. This option is different depending on the database. If you are having problems, please feel free to ask a librarian.

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