1. Start by clicking the link to the right and entering the database.

2. Click on Thesaurus at the top of the page. Then, in the box below the Green bar, type your topic. If you're unsure of the exact term, click Relevency Ranked. Then, click Browse.

3. Click the link containing your term to expand the term and receive a scope note (a brief note about the subject term) as well as broader, narrower and related terms.

4. Check the boxes to the left of the terms you wish to include in your search or check the box to the right to explode a term. Exploding a term will return all descriptors for that term as well as any narrower terms. After checking the boxes, click the Add button.

5. Your search terms will appear in the search box. To add more subjects, repeat steps 1 3 for each aspect of your topic. When your search box contains all desired aspects of your topic, click Search.

6. When you find an article citation you would like to use, it may be available in HTML or PDF format. If it is not, click on the Find Full Text button to search other databases at Brockport for the article. If this article is not found, try Interlibrary Loan.

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