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Virtual Tour Transcript

This is a transcript of the Virtual Tour. Each number corresponds to the order of the slide in the tour.

  1. Welcome to a tour of Drake Memorial Library, this is the front entrance of Drake Memorial Library.
  2. Upon entering the library you will be on the second, or main floor, of the library.
  3. On your left, after going through the main doors, you will see the Reserves desk. This is the location where you can go to pick up any item which has been placed on reserve by your instructor.
  4. Further down from the Reserves desk is the Circulation desk. When you want to check out an item bring it, along with your ID card to the Circulation desk.
  5. Also to the left of the main doors you will see the café. Stop here if you need a tasty treat or a cup of coffee to help you study.
  6. Upon entering the library, on your right side you will see the Reference desk. This is where the librarian sits if you need to ask for research assistance.
  7. Behind the Reference desk you will find current issues of our periodicals. Back issues are stored downstairs.
  8. Along with our reference collection you will find several computers that you can use to do research, check email or browse the Internet.
  9. On the right side of the main stairwell you will find current copies of several newspapers.
  10. Further down from the ref desk you will find our video section with new titles, educational documentaries and other popular films.
  11. At the far side of the main floor you will find the I.T. Help Desk. If you have any computer issues you can ask here.
  12. There are also several tables for group study at the far end of the main floor.
  13. Now, let’s head upstairs to the top floor of the library.
  14. The top floor of the library houses most of our books that you can check out.
  15. There are also individual study carrels that you can go in and shut the door to have a quiet place to study.
  16. In room 224 there’s a small computer lab.
  17. There are also group tables and individual study carrels in the middle of the floor.
  18. Our screening room may be reserved by faculty members wishing to work with a small group of students or watch a web conference.
  19. The Milne Foundation Room is another seminar room on the top floor of the library.
  20. The Special Collections room houses some of our sc in addition to being a meeting place for larger groups.
  21. Back down to the main floor if you go behind the stairwell you will see the entrance to the stairs leading to the ground floor.
  22. This is a view of the stairwell from the ground floor heading up to the main floor.
  23. At the bottom of the stairs there is a display for some of our special collections.
  24. Most importantly, bathrooms on the ground floor are located in the towers through the double doors and on your left.
  25. At the bottom of the stairs you will find the help desk for the ground floor. Don’t hesistate to ask the person staffing the desk if you need assistance.
  26. Behind the help desk is the entrance to the collection management, serials and other technical services offices. If you need to see a professional staff member, knock here.
  27. Just past the help desk you’ll find two copiers.
  28. Past the copiers you will find our government documents section.
  29. Behind government documents you’ll see our new quiet study area.
  30. Adjacent to the quiet study area you’ll see our new juvenile collection’s room.
  31. At the back of the quiet study area you will see our microforms area complete with readers, printers, and scanners.
  32. Heading towards the other end of the library you will see our bound journals. They are arranged by title, alphabetically.
  33. At the end of the library you will reach the Kiefer Room. This is the classroom in which library instruction sessions are typically held.
  34. This is a picture of the KR. There are group tables in the middle and computers around the outside. This room is open for use whenever a class is not in session. Check the white board outside for the daily schedule.
  35. Past the Kiefer Room you will find a hallway that houses librarian and I.T. staff member offices.
  36. The last stop on the tour is the Educational Technology Center located on the ground floor of Drake Library. High end media editing can take place in this lab.


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