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If you are a faculty/staff member of SUNY College at Brockport with a department page you would like listed or linked to from the home page please refer to the "Setting Up a Department Site" section.
Linking Policy:
    The CWIS Committee is taking requests for links from the SUNY College at Brockport on a case by case basis within the following parameters:

    It is against school policy to endorse or promote products or services, therefore most commercial requests are turned down. Links are permitted that will be of service to our enrolled students and prospective students as well as our faculty/staff users. For instance, links to hotels in the area, community events and organizations and utilities are often useful while links to software packages or computer manufacturers are not. Contact the Webmaster for more details.

Other Educational Links:
    SUNY College at Brockport will gladly link to schools and universities involved in partner programs. Contact the Webmaster if you believe your school site should be linked to.
Department and personal pages:
    Department pages are maintained by individually responsible departments. Links from these pages are maintained by independent groups and individuals, and do not in any way constitute official SUNY Brockport content. The views expressed in the personal home pages are those of the page authors, and comments on those pages should be directed to the page authors.
    At no time does SUNY College at Brockport support, endorse or necessarily favor any content of sites linked to or from any page in the SUNY College at Brockport Web Site.

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